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If your alimony agreement is not being properly enforced, you will need to reach out to Ilkhanoff & Silverstein today to retain the services of a skilled Pennsylvania divorce attorney. Our legal team is prepared to support you and your rights.

What is the purpose of an alimony agreement in Pennsylvania?

Alimony agreements are used for those who have been divorced to ensure that they are maintaining their standard of living as they did when they were married. Alimony can be used to keep up with essential expenses such as mortgage payments, food, car payments, clothing, and more. With the support of alimony payments, those who are unable to sufficiently sustain themselves will be able to comfortably keep up with day-to-day costs of living as well as pursue educational or professional goals.

Additionally, it is critical to note that once an alimony agreement is signed, both spouses are lawfully obliged to it and must act according to the terms stated. In some instances, alimony terms are not always followed by the required payor. While there can be many reasons why this might occur, it is in your best interest to reach out to an experienced Pennsylvania divorce attorney that can help you communicate with your former spouse to make sure that alimony responsibilities are being performed. An attorney can also bring your claim to Pennsylvania courts if necessary.

What can happen if I do not receive alimony payments?

A former spouse may stop paying alimony for a number of reasons. Changes in life circumstances such as loss of employment, injury, or illness are all common factors that can prevent a person from being able to earn enough money to satisfy alimony responsibilities. Sadly, if a couple is facing this unfortunate situation, the connection between the former spouses can be sparse or even non-existent. That is why you will need a skilled Pennsylvania divorce attorney to represent you and vocalize your rights on your behalf. Our firm can help you enforce or modify the alimony agreement.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our firm today to get started on your claim. Our attorneys are committed to ensuring that you are obtaining the financial support you need. Give us a call today to begin.


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