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Attorney Referrals

When attorneys refer a client to another lawyer, he or she wants to be certain that the client receives high-caliber professional services. Ilkhanoff & Silverstein recognizes and appreciates the responsibility of handling a referral. The trust put forth is significant. When you cannot take a case, having a resource to turn to for certain legal matters is crucial. If a current client is facing a personal injury, criminal, or family law matter in Pennsylvania or Maryland, we would be honored to be the law firm you choose. If you would like to get to know our firm or have questions about our attorney referral fee policy, contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein.

About our firm

Ilkhanoff & Silverstein is an effective, compassionate law firm with offices in both York and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We are dedicated legal professionals focused on providing quality legal services and extraordinary personal attention to every client. When someone is facing a serious legal matter, the uncertainty of where to turn can be overwhelming. Ilkhanoff & Silverstein guides every client through his or her case, representing that client’s interests and protecting his or her future. If you are an attorney helping a client find representation in Pennsylvania or Maryland, contact our firm.

Why do we receive hundreds of referrals every year?

  • You can trust our competence, experience, and knowledge
  • Our attorneys apply the same personalized attention to every client
  • Our firm celebrates an esteemed reputation in Pennsylvania and Maryland as passionate, effective legal professionals.

How do you refer a case to us?

  • Ask your client to fill out our online contact form as soon as possible.
  • Remind your client to mention your name when they contact us.
  • Use our contact form to provide us with your client’s name, address, telephone number, and any other relevant information.

Ilkhanoff & Silverstein is an experienced York & Lancaster County law firm. Our attorneys are dedicated professionals with significant legal experience regarding personal injury, criminal defense, and family law.

Thank you for your consideration. We hope to forge a lasting relationship with you and your client. Contact us today.

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