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Serving Central Pennsylvania

Ilkhanoff & Silverstein is an experienced general practice law firm with convenient locations in Shrewsbury and East Petersburg, PA, serving clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Our firm handles a wide range of legal matters with a focus on personal injury, family law, and criminal defense. We have decades of experience fighting for the rights of every client. We take particular pride in our ability to ease one’s stress while enthusiastically representing them in and out of court. Contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein today.

Practice Areas

With decades of experience serving clients in PA and MD, we provide effective legal services for a wide range of legal matters. With a broad understanding of the laws that affect our clients on a daily basis, we can be the comprehensive solution to your legal issues. No matter what type of case you need assistance with, you can count on us for proficient legal representation.

What it Means to be Family

Ilkhanoff & Silverstein is a family-owned law firm. As partners in law and life, Bernard and Paula take a personal approach to serving clients. We are here to get to know you and your case and to provide answers to your tough questions and concerns. We are family. The relationships we forge with clients last a lifetime. When you hire Ilkhanoff & Silverstein, you’ll be treated like family too.

Feedback from Our Clients Testimonials

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“I was wrongfully charged with a DUI amongst other offenses following a vehicle accident. It was a very confusing and stressful time. Attorney Ilkhanoff was attentive and took a complete interest in my situation. He took the time to comprehensively explain to me the legalities of my charges. He was aggressive in his research and upon entering the courtroom was in complete control. It was a successful experience as my charges were dropped. Great job!”

“Our life was literally altered when my husband was in a horrific car accident. He was hospitalized with substantial injuries and required 8 months of painful physical therapy. In addition to his physical pain and suffering our whole family was affected and emotionally traumatized by the whole ordeal. I really felt lost, confused and threatened by pushy insurance representatives seeking information from me the day after the accident. During that particular time of crisis, I …”

“I cannot express in words how wonderful Paula and her team of professionals were to have on my side while dealing with our custody situation. The guidance and support she gave us was just the peace of mind we needed during the stressful time. I took comfort in knowing no matter the day of week or time of day, Paula would respond to my questions and concerns immediately. Paula has stuck with my family for …”

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Family Law

Ilkhanoff & Silverstein understand the complications that can arise with family law matters, which is why we focus our practice on guiding clients through alternatives to litigation. For many, mediation is a far-preferable means to resolve complex and personal legal issues.

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Personal Injury

If you have been injured by the negligence of an individual or business, you should contact Ilkanoff & Silverstein. Our firm fights for the rights of victims in PA and MD, helping them pursue maximum recovery after auto accidents, slip and falls, and more. Just some of the cases we handle include:

Criminal Defense

Whether you are charged with a felony, misdemeanor, a summary offense, or a simple traffic ticket, it is important to speak with an attorney who can protect your rights. The attorney you choose today will play a role in determining your future. Our firm has significant experience defending clients against numerous charges and violations, including:

Mediation Services

Ilkhanoff & Silverstein has significant experience helping clients in various situations to avoid litigation. Going to court is not something we shy away from, but we recognize the positive outcomes that often arise from mediating certain situations. Our firm provides individuals and businesses with a way to resolve their legal disputes efficiently and quietly. Our mediation services include divorce mediation, child custody, and other family law matters.

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