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What is the burden of proof?

Personal injury cases can involve severe injuries, which injured individuals may wish to seek compensation for. During this time, they may be unable to work, leaving them without a stream of income. This can be detrimental. Instead of struggling financially, they can seek damages in the form of compensation. By seeking a personal injury case […]

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How are juvenile offenses handled?

When a child does something illegal, they should be held responsible just as adults are held liable. However, the effects a charge can have a child’s life may be less serious. Adults can face time in prison. Juveniles may not go to a prison like an adult. Instead, they can go to a juvenile detention […]

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How can traumatic brain injuries occur?

Accidents can happen on a daily basis where someone is devastatingly injured. When a serious injury occurs, individuals want to hold someone reliable for their injuries. More serious accidents can have more serious effects on individuals, causing injuries to be traumatic. For certain accidents, individuals may suffer brain damage when they are involved in an […]

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Can I bring my attorney to mediation?

Mediation is a way for couples to make decisions for their divorce. The first step is deciding to get a divorce. Although this is a hard decision, it may prove to be beneficial for the individuals in the end. Once the spouses file the paperwork for a divorce, they may enter into a contested or […]

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Do truck accidents cause more damage?

Truck accidents have the ability to cause more damage to a motor vehicle due to their bigger size and heavier mass. If these trucks are traveling at a higher speed, they may not be able to stop in a timely manner. Since they are heavier, they require more time and distance to stop. This can […]

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What can I do after a bicycle accident?

Bicycle accidents can be seriously devastating when they happen with motor vehicles. For bike riders, they are not safely equipped as drivers of a car. Bikes can be used as a form of transportation or for fun, but they should be ridden carefully. If someone were to become involved in a bike accident with a […]

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