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Product Liability Laws in Pennsylvania

When people buy a product from a company, they expect that it is safe to use and will function properly. In most cases, this is true and there are no problems. Other times, defective products might be created by a manufacturer. When this happens, the product can malfunction and put consumers at risk of being […]

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Division of Assets in Pennsylvania

Going through a divorce can sometimes be a very challenging process. It requires a great amount of time, patience, and legal decisions. A large part of divorce proceedings is coming to a decision on how to divide a couple’s assets between the two of them. In some cases, spouses are able to come to a […]

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DUI Consequences in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania takes driving under the influence (DUI) charges very seriously and works hard to combat them. A DUI happens when a person’s ability to control a motor vehicle is impaired by the use of alcohol or drugs. A driver may be charged with a DUI if they are found driving with a […]

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Car Accidents in Pennsylvania

Many people are on the road driving cars on a daily basis. It is unfortunate that sometimes, driving can result in an accident. Certain things factor into how a car accident happens, as well as the results of the accident. The outcome of an accident may depend on a few things: the size of the […]

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Child Custody in Pennsylvania

One of the most emotional parts of a divorce is handling child custody. When parents split, several aspects of a child’s upbringing are brought into question. This can vary from where the child lives to the influence each parent has in their life. If parents cannot come to a custody agreement on their own, they […]

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What can a contested divorce lead to?

Divorces can either be contested or uncontested. When a divorce is considered to be uncontested, spouses can go through a simpler and often quicker process to decide on marital issues before an official divorce is finalized. This process can include divorce mediation to resolve issues by deciding on outcomes together. With this process, it can […]

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How can I recover from a construction accident?

People who work in construction can face dangers each day that they are on the job. They are working with dangerous equipment on job sites where they can be harmed. They may work on various sites that they are unfamiliar with, which can provide opportunities for accidents to occur where they are injured. Construction workers […]

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What can lead to a bike accident?

Bike accidents can cause a lot of harm to a bike rider. They can be injured by motor vehicle drivers if they are not operating a vehicle in the safest manner. Some drivers may include someone who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, careless or reckless while driving, using electronic devices while driving, […]

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