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Dividing Property in a PA Divorce

There are many different challenges that a couple getting divorced may face. One of the aspects that is often difficult for a divorcing couple is the task of dividing their assets. When a couple is married, their assets and finances become intermingled. Separating those assets and finances is quite difficult, especially when one party feels […]

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How Do Catastrophic Injuries & Personal Injuries Differ?

Injuries can vary greatly in severity, often depending on the circumstances of your accident. The impact these injuries can have in your life can also vary widely. If you were injured seriously, it is possible that you may be temporarily or even permanently disabled. As such, injury claims are divided into two categories depending on […]

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You Still Need an Attorney for a Misdemeanor Offense: Here’s Why

Being charged with any crime puts a lot on the line. From fines and fees that can impact your financial well-being to short- and long-term consequences that threaten your future, penalties that come with a conviction can be steep. Although felonies are notorious for their significant repercussions – including the potential for lengthy prison sentences […]

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