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Why Is Mediation Beneficial for a Gray Divorce?

The divorce process is different for everyone, as every couple has unique wants and needs that they hope to meet in their settlement agreement. With this, couples in different age groups need to handle different terms. Read on to learn about gray divorce and how a seasoned York County, PA divorce mediation attorney at Ilkhanoff & […]

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Who is Eligible for a Pardon Under the PA Marijuana Pardon Project?

On September 1, 2022, the state of Pennsylvania announced the PA Marijuana Pardon Project. This is a milestone project that seeks to quickly pardon Pennsylvanians from marijuana-related convictions. Continue reading to learn if you are eligible to pardon your marijuana-related convicted through this Project and how an experienced York County, PA drug crime attorney at […]

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Do I Have to Go to Court for a Mediated Divorce?

Divorce is a significant legal matter. However, if you chose to undergo a mediated divorce, and you are able to remain amicable with your spouse throughout the process, then you may not necessarily have to go to a Pennsylvania court. Continue reading to learn whether a court is necessary when using the divorce mediation method […]

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Will Alimony Be Determined in Divorce Mediation?

When undergoing a divorce, one spouse may need temporary spousal support, otherwise known as alimony, to get through this transition period. Such decisions on financial support may be made easier in the mediation process than in the litigation process, so long as you and your spouse remain amicable with wanting to reach similar goals. If […]

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How Are Assets Divided in Divorce Mediation?

Determining how your assets will be divided is one of the most challenging aspects of any divorce. However, this may come easier in the mediation process than in the litigation process. To learn more about how you can reach a fair asset division agreement outside of the courtroom setting, continue reading and see how an […]

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What Issues Will Be Resolved in Divorce Mediation?

If you and your former spouse can amicably move through the divorce process, then it may be in your best interest to opt for divorce mediation. With this option, everyone involved may benefit emotionally and financially, because you will be able to clearly express your needs and reach your goals without the overriding of a […]

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