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How does sole custody work?

As divorces proceed, couples need to consider a variety of marital issues. If they are undergoing mediation, they are able to decide on these issues between themselves. Otherwise, a judge will decide on these issues in court. When a judge decides on cases, they will always look out for the best interests of a child […]

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Who is responsible for a construction accident?

At work each day, individuals expect to complete their duties for the day. There are many different tasks that employees can carry out on a daily basis depending on their profession. For construction workers, they may face more dangerous conditions at work each day. Since they are dealing with dangerous equipment, it can cause an […]

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How is premises liability proven?

When individuals are harmed on another property, they may be able to hold the property owner accountable. If there was a hazard present that caused the accident to happen, this may be the fault of the property owner. Property owners should be taking the proper precautions to maintain a safe premises for their customers. If […]

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How is mediation done?

Mediation can be a beneficial process for those going through a divorce. Through this process, spouses are able to meet with a third party mediator that is neutral on the matter. With this individual, they talk through their marital issues to reach outcomes for their new single lives. Spouses will talk through child custody arrangements […]

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Dividing Property in a PA Divorce

There are many different challenges that a couple getting divorced may face. One of the aspects that is often difficult for a divorcing couple is the task of dividing their assets. When a couple is married, their assets and finances become intermingled. Separating those assets and finances is quite difficult, especially when one party feels […]

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