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About Ilkhanoff & Silverstein in York County, PA

Our general law firm opened its doors on March 1, 1999, in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania. Our two attorneys have over 40 years of combined legal experience. Our attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff work together with you to assist you with a full range of complex issues in many areas of the law. We have had success with a wide range of family law-related matters including divorce, adoption, and suppression to gaining grandparent’s rights in custody, all with the goal of protecting your legal rights.

The firm has been involved in various associations including the Board of the YMCA, Southern Branch of York County, Board of Directors for the Bar Association of York County, and Southern Branch of the Rotary and Family Law Section of the York County Bar Association. The firm also has won the Outstanding Service Award from the York County Bar Foundation in the area of Pro Bono work.

We are committed to providing you with high-quality and effective legal representation. Being at ease in the courtroom enables us to provide you with a strong advocate in your corner. We are committed to providing a high level of knowledge and service to our clients. In fact, both attorneys at the firm attended a CLE on “Difficult Issues to Mediate, Litigate, and Deal with in General with Custody Cases.”

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In The Community

We are very proud of our involvement in the community, please take a look at some of the areas we are involved in below:

  • President of the York County Bar Association, January 2016 – Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • President – Elect of the York County Bar Association in 2015 – Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Treasurer of the York County Bar Association in 2014 – Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Past President-Elect Board of the YMCA, Southern Branch, Board Member – Paula Silverstein
  • Past Chair of the Special Needs Committee of the YMCA, Southern Branch – Paula Silverstein
  • Past-President and Board Member of the YMCA, Southern Branch – Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Past Director on the Board of the Bar Association of York County – Paula Silverstein
  • Assistant Treasurer of the Board of the Bar Association of York County – Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Past- President of the Rotary, Southern York Branch, Rotarian – Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Past-President of the Family Law Section of the York County Bar Association – Paula Silverstein
  • Past-President of the Family Law Section of the York County Bar Association – Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Youth Soccer Coach for Mason Dixon Soccer League and FC York – Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Junior Achievement Volunteers at Southern School District – Paula Silverstein & Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Finance Committee – St. John the Baptist Catholic Church – Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Parish School Board – St. John the Baptist Catholic Church – Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Volunteers of the Year Recognition Award, YMCA – Paula Silverstein & Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • York County Bar Foundation, Pro Bono Recognition Award for Outstanding Community Service – Ilkhanoff & Silverstein
  • Pro-Bono Custody Workshops for the Indigent – Paula Silverstein & Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Member of the Lancaster Sunrise Rotary- Bernard Ilkhanoff
  • Member of the Lancaster Sunrise Rotary- Paula S. Silverstein
  • In 2016, our attorneys attended the 50th Annual Conference of County Bar Leaders with numerous courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of law firm is Ilkhanoff & Silverstein?
A: Ilkhanoff & Silverstein is a general practice law firm that offers legal services in various areas with a focus on personal injury, family law, and criminal defense. They serve clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland, striving to alleviate stress for their clients while providing zealous representation.

Q: Where are Ilkhanoff & Silverstein’s offices located?
A: The firm has offices in Shrewsbury and East Petersburg, Pennsylvania, making their services accessible to a wide range of clients across Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Q: What is unique about Ilkhanoff & Silverstein’s approach to legal representation?
A: The firm is family-owned, emphasizing a personal approach to serving clients. Both Bernard Ilkhanoff and Paula Silverstein work closely on cases, ensuring comprehensive understanding and compassionate guidance for their clients, treating them like family.

Q: What areas of personal injury law does Ilkhanoff & Silverstein cover?
A: They handle cases involving auto accidents, premises liability, catastrophic injuries, dog bites, construction accidents, defective products, nursing home abuse, and wrongful death, advocating for victims’ rights and financial recovery.

Q: How does Ilkhanoff & Silverstein assist clients with family law issues?
A: The firm guides clients through divorce, uncontested divorce, high net worth divorces, adoption, asset division, child custody and support, grandparents’ rights, alimony, domestic violence, child visitation, juvenile dependency, and offers mediation services.

Q: What criminal defense services does Ilkhanoff & Silverstein offer?
A: They defend clients against charges ranging from felonies and misdemeanors to traffic tickets, including DUI, drug crimes, internet crimes, juvenile crimes, manslaughter, murder, sex crimes, theft, domestic violence, and traffic offenses.

Q: Does Ilkhanoff & Silverstein offer mediation services?
A: Yes, they provide mediation services for divorce, child custody, family law matters, corporate and business disputes, and personal injury cases, helping clients resolve disputes efficiently and privately.

Q: Can Ilkhanoff & Silverstein help with estate planning?
A: The firm offers estate planning services to help individuals control the future of their estate, ensuring their legacy is handled according to their wishes.

Q: What additional practice areas does Ilkhanoff & Silverstein cover?
A: Besides their primary focus areas, they also practice in civil law, construction law, physician representation, and real estate, including land use and zoning matters.

Q: What values does Ilkhanoff & Silverstein prioritize in their practice?
A: The firm prioritizes personal attention, compassionate guidance, and a comprehensive understanding of each client’s case, treating clients like family and building lasting relationships.

Q: What is the firm’s approach to handling complex legal issues?
A: Ilkhanoff & Silverstein focuses on guiding clients through alternatives to litigation, such as mediation, while also being prepared to zealously represent their clients in court when necessary.

Q: How can potential clients get in touch with Ilkhanoff & Silverstein?
A: Potential clients can contact the firm through their website or by calling their office to schedule a consultation and discuss their legal needs with experienced attorneys.

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