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At Ilkhanoff & Silverstein, we are ready to work on your behalf to achieve your goals for any family law matter that you may be facing. Our firm believes in providing our clients with aggressive representation while treating you with respect and care during this trying time. We offer experience and skill, especially in keeping up with current changes in family laws. When a marriage comes to an end, there are a number of different family law matters that have to be addressed. These matters are often some of the most emotional parts of the entire divorce. In some cases, these are simple matters, and both parties generally agree. In other cases, there is little hope of reaching an agreement without litigation. In either case, our firm is committed to protecting our clients’ rights and interests and to pursue the most favorable outcome possible. Having served in countless family law negotiations, mediations, and trials, our family law attorneys have the experience to resolve these matters out of court or to proceed to trial with a well-prepared case.

Our lawyers will initially engage in a variety of actions geared to avoid a trial. In some cases, the other party is making unreasonable demands and is unwilling to compromise, and litigation is the only option available. In such cases, you can be confident that our firm will prepare your case professionally, and present it in a persuasive manner, with the goal of a favorable judgment. Contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein for a consultation to discuss your legal matter. 

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Family law matters are often traumatic and stressful situations for individuals in Pennsylvania. Most people don’t envision this happening to them and are ill-prepared for the issues that must be addressed. As experienced family law attorneys, Ilkhanoff & Silverstein has more than 40 years of combined experience helping families through this difficult situation.

We have faithfully served the community by assisting individuals with a variety of family law matters, including:

Family Law Attorneys Serving Lancaster, PA

Choosing the right lawyer to handle a very personal situation is never easy. However, we understand how emotionally straining a family law can be on the entire family and we want you to be at ease with your attorney. We are committed to working closely with you and getting you through the family law process as quickly and painlessly as possible. From our initial interaction with you, we will strive to fully understand your situation and help you move on with your life. For help with your family law matters, contact an experienced family law attorney at Ilkhanoff & Silverstein today.

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