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Murder Defense Lawyer in York

Defending Against a Murder Charge in York: We fight back.

There are few more serious charges than being accused of murder. If you are under investigation or are already charged with this felony crime, it is imperative that you engage the services of a high quality York criminal attorney at once. There are many matters that must be addressed, and first and foremost is the protection of your rights. Any questioning by the authorities should be in the presence of your attorney from Ilkanoff & Silverstein. You may be completely innocent, but this does not ensure that you will be found innocent or that the charges against you dismissed.

The criminal justice system is extremely tough, and if you have been charged, it indicates that the prosecutor believes there is enough evidence against you to get a conviction. This is an extremely dangerous legal situation, and requires an aggressive approach from a seasoned York criminal defense attorney that knows the system and knows how to help you fight back.

First Degree Murder Charges

First degree murder allows for the death penalty in cases of aggravated murder. The elements in such a case include the murder of a:

  • Firefighter
  • Police officer
  • Corrections officers

If the person accused is believed to have paid another person to commit a murder, the charge will be first degree murder. Another issue that could lead to charges of first degree murder is when a person has been held hostage, or for ransom or other reward, or was killed during the hijacking of a plane or other aircraft.

A person who was scheduled as a witness in a felony crime who it is alleged was killed to make it impossible for their testimony to be presented will also be charged with first degree murder. Cases involving death that took place during the commission of another felony, or the death occurred through torture also are capital murder cases.

Defense Options in Murder Cases

There are always two sides to a story. We are interested in yours. We treat all of our clients with the utmost respect, no matter what charges they face. In the case of a murder charge, the first action we will engage upon is a full evaluation of all of the evidence gathered against you. Your case may have serious flaws, and we are intent upon identifying these areas, as the issue of reasonable doubt could not be more important in a murder trial. The burden of proof lies with the prosecutor.

Our duty is to present evidence that could open the door to reasonable doubt, whether to seek a reduced charge, dismissed charge or an acquittal at trial. Whether a case of mistaken identity, a completely false accusation, or the death was the result of an act of self-defense, we will search deeply into every aspect of the case to identify a viable strategy for your defense. We know defense law. Call today.

Contact us immediately if you are the target of a murder investigation or have been charged with the crime.

Client Testimonials

  • “My ex-husband pulled a lot of stunts during the custody matter and Paula was right there to fight for me. She does not let the opposing party bully or cut down her client. She fights for her client with full force.”

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  • “Paula took time on the weekends to address my concerns, particularly if she could not contact me during the weekdays due to being in court. Paula did a great job of revising the Marriage Settlement Agreement to protect my interests.”

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  • “Having Paula in my corner and seeing her prepare and function in the court room was amazing for certain.”

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