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Ilkhanoff & Silverstein have decades of experience defending individuals against their criminal charges, including those considered felonies. We are extremely knowledgeable in the area of criminal defense, and this allows us to be tough litigators, providing very aggressive defense for our clients in a court of law. If you have been charged with a felony, contact a felony criminal defense attorney at our offices today. We understand what you are going through, and we will do our utmost in the pursuit of a case resolution that is highly beneficial to you. Contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein for strong legal representation when it matters most.

Felony Defense Lawyer | Representing Clients in PA

Felonies are the most serious types of criminal offenses. Typically, they are punishable by large fines, sentences of more than 1 year in jail, or both. These punishments are frequently varied depending on a variety of circumstances, including the severity of the crime itself, and on whether the person is a first-time wrongdoer who may have committed a less injurious crime or a repeat offender.

Examples of felonies include:

  • Armed robbery
  • Arson
  • Kidnapping
  • Sex offenses
  • Theft
  • White collar crimes
  • Hate crimes
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder

How can misdemeanors be upgraded to a felony?

In the state of Pennsylvania, committing a criminal act is taken very seriously. There are situations where simple misdemeanors can be upgraded to a felony, which can result in more serious consequences for the convicted individual. One example of this is when a simple assault charge is upgraded to an aggravated assault charge because the offender used a deadly weapon during the crime. A simple assault conviction is a second-degree misdemeanor while an aggravated assault conviction is a first or second-degree felony that can result in significant jail time.

Are you facing felony charges?

The law enforcement officers and prosecutors in the state of Pennsylvania are tough. The prosecution in any criminal case is going to work hard to prove that a person is guilty and see substantial penalties levied upon the defendant. You will need a strong criminal defense attorney if you are facing felony charges, as they will be able to provide a defense that challenges the validity of the prosecution’s case. With their help, the chances of you being cleared of any wrongdoing will be greatly increased. Contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein today.

Contact a Pennsylvania Felony Defense Attorney

Being charged with a felony offense in Pennsylvania is a very serious matter with consequences that can follow you for the rest of your life. Depending on the nature of the crime, the accusations can impact you, even if you are found not guilty. It is important to have a quality legal defense team that can work to clear your name and secure your future.  Contact a Lancaster, Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with a felony of any type and are in need of immediate legal support. Call Ilkhanoff & Silverstein today to discuss your situation.

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