A physician, donned in a white coat, checks a patient's blood pressure with a monitor in a bright medical office. The patient, seated and wearing a blue armband, looks concerned while the doctor examines the screen of the device. This scene reflects physician representation at its finest.

York County, PA Physician Representation

The laws surrounding health care professionals are unique, involving many challenges and complications. If you are a physician or medical professional, you need an attorney with a thorough understanding of your needs. Ilkhanoff & Silverstein has been providing first-class legal services since 1999 to clients from all backgrounds. Specifically, we are dedicated to representing physicians and other medical professionals. When you employ our services, you get the assistance of our superb legal team on a wide variety of matters, from contract negotiations to litigation issues. We are regularly in court, mediation, and arbitration representing and championing the rights of our clients. Let Ilkhanoff & Silverstein help you tackle your legal needs today!

Personalized Support for Physicians

The greatest piece of advice we can give any physician, either employed by a hospital or running their own private practice, is to have a trusted legal team standing by at all times. Working in health care can bring about any number of complex issues, and you need to make sure that you are fully prepared to navigate these times.

We can advise you on any of the following legal matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Labor laws
  • Negotiations with employers
  • Insurance and benefits
  • Litigation processes
  • Negotiating employment contracts for Professional Services

Whether you need our legal services for negotiating or drafting an employment contract or updating outdated legal documents, trust our York attorneys to deliver superior support. We have an in-depth knowledge of the law and the medical issues involved. Whether we are negotiating your professional services contract or advising you about how to deal with and manage your office staff, we can utilize this insight to assist with any legal concerns you may have.

Employment Contract Review and Negotiation

Another aspect of our representation of physicians is the employment contract review and negotiation. At Ilkhanoff & Silverstein, our medical contract attorney can review physician agreements to verify that they are fair for our client. When necessary, we will even negotiate the contract on the client’s behalf. If negotiation is necessary, we will cautiously go about the process to help you maintain good relations with your employers while fighting for your best interests.

When we review an employment contract, we will analyze all of the following:

  • Compensation and Benefits – We will carefully assess the perks that you receive in the first offer to ensure that you get what you deserve.
  • Restrictive Covenants – We will look at the contract to ensure that you will be able to remain in the location if you leave the employer.
  • Covered Call – We will help you get your fair share.
  • Insurance for Malpractice – An important part of being a physician is professional liability insurance and we will help you know what to expect.
  • Private Practice Ownership – We will evaluate the contract regarding time to ownership and other elements of your rights as a new owner of a private practice.

If we handle your employment contract matter, we will help you understand exactly what is expected during the process. We will also handle negotiations to protect your rights without compromising relations with potential colleagues.

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Ilkhanoff & Silverstein has more than 40 years of collective experience representing healthcare professionals, enabling the firm to handle everything from simple documents to complicated litigation. When you need proper representation for your legal concerns, look no further than Ilkhanoff & Silverstein. Contact our firm to discuss your needs with an experienced legal team.

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