taillights after auto accident

Getting into an auto accident can be a harrowing experience, but it is important to keep calm and avoid some common mistakes if you think that you will want to sue for damages later. You need to act to protect yourself, preserve evidence, and build a case. You will want to listen to the advice of a York County, PA car accident attorney and make sure that you are covered from all angles.

Do I Have to Take Pictures After an Auto Accident?

Yes, you really should take pictures after an auto accident. We know this is a stressful situation and that this is an easy thing to forget to do, but try to keep your cool and get some shots of the damage and the accident scene. If you think that something in the road, like a pothole or other damage that the local government ignored, contributed to your accident, get photos of that too.

If you do not get photos at the time, an insurer or lawyer on the other side of your case might claim that you did not actually damage your car in this accident. Maybe your car was damaged afterward, and now you are looking for a payday. Do not leave them an opening to make such accusations.

Who Should I Speak to After an Auto Accident?

Some people get chatty after a car accident, but this is a mistake. There might be some time to kill while you wait for the cops to arrive, but your conversation with the other involved drivers should be limited to exchanging contact and insurance information. Be careful about saying anything that could be construed as you admitting fault. This goes for when you are talking to other drivers, the police, and insurance companies.

Should I Accept Medical Care After an Auto Accident?

Refusing medical care after an accident can be a mistake. When the cops are called, they might bring in an ambulance and paramedics. If you have obvious injuries, like cuts and scrapes, you should let them treat you and examine you.

If you refuse medical care, the other side might argue that you were not injured in the accident at all. So even if the adrenaline is pumping through your system and you do not notice any conspicuous injuries, simply accepting medical care can make your case stronger.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Suing for damages on your own can be tough. Our car accident lawyers have plenty of experience taking on insurance companies and fighting for the compensation that our clients deserve. We can help you build a strong case and fight for the best possible outcome.

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