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When we have a client going through a custody dispute, we do everything that we can to find the best method of settling it. One thing your York County, PA child custody attorney might suggest is mediation. A mediator can potentially help you and your spouse come to an agreement that both of you can live with.

Why Use Mediation to Settle Custody Disputes?

There are many good reasons to consider mediation for custody disputes and many other types of family law-related matters. The potential advantages of mediation include:

The neutral third party: The presence of a neutral mediator who is trained to keep this process going smoothly can be quite helpful. Even if you and your spouse are not on the best terms, your mediator is there to keep you on track and moving toward an agreement.

More privacy: One thing that some people do not think about when they go to court is that there will be a stenographer and a court record. This means that what you say is recorded and accessible later. Mediation sessions do not produce the same kinds of records, so it could be the best option for anyone who wants more privacy.

How long it takes to reach an agreement: In some cases, an agreement can take less time to reach in mediation than it would through court proceedings. This could also end up affecting the overall cost of your divorce.

The potential to develop better communication with your spouse: Some studies have shown that children can handle a divorce better if their parents can still communicate with each other. Mediation gives you and your spouse a chance to work on your communication skills and how you will handle things post-divorce.

Is Mediation More Expensive Than Going to Court?

Another point in mediation’s favor is its cost. In most cases, it is going to cost you less money to go through this method than it would to cost you to go through litigation. There are more legal costs to worry about when you go through the court system. The court might also take longer to settle the issue at hand. If you can solve a problem faster through mediation, you are very likely to save money.

Is a Custody Agreement Reached Through Mediation Enforceable?

When both parties reach an accord in mediation, a formal agreement is drawn up. This agreement is filed with the courts, and from there it is legally enforceable. Is your spouse ignoring the child custody agreement you arrived at through mediation? You can go to court and tell them to enforce that agreement. A contract that you reached through mediation still has teeth.

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