What Happens If I Don’t Show Up For Jury Duty?

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Few people get excited to get that jury duty summons in the mail, but being willing to serve on a jury is just part of being a citizen. We understand that you may want to get out of it, but do not try to go about this the wrong way. People who try to skip out on jury duty can end up needing the assistance of a York County, PA criminal defense attorney.

Who Can Get Jury Duty?

Usually, court jurisdictions have a list of potential jurors that they can draw from any time they need jurors for a trial or grand jury. This list of jurors is often made with data like who has a state ID or driver’s license with a license in the area, or who has registered to vote within the jurisdiction. If you are on that list of people, you could end up getting summoned.

How Long Does Jury Duty Last?

The length of your obligation can vary wildly depending on what you are called for. In some cases, you will not end up being summoned in at all. You are off the hook for now, and it should be a while before you get another jury duty summons.

Sometimes you get summoned in for jury duty and you are just needed for a day or two. You could also end up being on a grand jury for two weeks or more! There really is little way to know going in, but you should just be proud of yourself for doing your civic duty. If you have legitimate reasons why you cannot do this, then you need to deal with the court itself. You should not just ignore a summons.

What Are the Punishments for Missing Jury Duty?

Trying to skip out on jury duty is not a smart move. There are punishments for ignoring your summons and it just isn’t worth it to get yourself in trouble by not doing your civic duty. Ignoring your summons can result in punishments like:

  • Fines of up to $1,000
  • Up to three days in jail
  • Community service
  • A combination of all of these

You can also be charged with contempt of court. If you really cannot make jury duty on a specific date, there are ways to delay your service without incurring any penalties. If you have another reason why attending is not feasible, like childcare obligations, you are often allowed to make your case to the court and show why you should be let out of your jury duty obligations. Just deciding not to show up is not the wise move here.

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