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If someone has levied a false accusation of domestic violence against you, you must treat it seriously. Even if you absolutely believe that you did nothing wrong and that there is nothing to this complaint, you must address it and take steps to protect your rights. A York County, PA PFA defense attorney from our firm can help you defend yourself, and then we may be able to hold the person who made a false accusation accountable.

Will Someone Be Charged for Making a False Accusation?

It is actually rare for someone to be charged for making a false accusation. This is because the state does not want to discourage people from coming forward with actual accusations. If people think that they can be jailed or fined for reporting domestic violence, they may not try to report it.

You may be able to sue your accuser though. If you get the case against you dismissed and there is evidence that shows that you were a victim of a false accusation, suing your accuser can help you recover compensation for the pain, suffering, and reputational damage you suffered as a result of their actions.

What Are the Punishments for Domestic Violence?

Someone accused of domestic violence can be prosecuted and charged with a number of different crimes, many of which have serious penalties. Alleged domestic violence perpetrators are often charged with crimes like simple assault, terroristic threats, and stalking. These can all have different punishments, including jail time and expensive fines. An accusation of domestic violence can also affect your reputation. If you are a professional or someone who runs their own business, you need to fight back against any false accusation and rehabilitate your reputation.

What Should I Do to Defend Myself From a False Accusation?

A false accusation can still carry plenty of weight. You need to be ready to poke holes in the prosecution’s case and your accuser’s story. You should:

Establish an alibi: If you can establish an alibi with multiple witnesses, that can help you fight these false charges.

Hire a lawyer: A lawyer can help you build your case and defend yourself from any accusations.

Avoid speaking to the police: Handle all communication through your lawyer. Even if you did nothing wrong, you do not want to risk saying something to the police that could be misconstrued.

Do not talk to your accuser: You should not try to talk to your accuser and sort this out on your own. You could just be opening yourself up to more risk.

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