How Can I Get A Divorce If My Spouse Won’t Cooperate?

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If you are ready to file for divorce and you are worried that your spouse will not cooperate with the process, we understand. This is a relatively common issue, but the state of Pennsylvania has its own way of dealing with it. You will not be stuck in a marriage simply because your spouse is trying to make things more difficult. So if you are ready to move on to the next phase of your life, a York County, PA divorce attorney from our law firm can help you.

Can You Get Divorced Without Your Spouse’s Signature?

Yes, but it just takes longer. In most circumstances, one spouse files for divorce and the other one is served with papers. They can respond after that. Then there are negotiations over things like alimony and property division. Sometimes both spouses even agree to those kinds of things beforehand and the divorce does not need to be drawn out.

When your spouse does not make any kind of response, the process can move along anyway. You can still get a divorce even if they want to draw things out and make life more difficult for you. Your lawyer can help you make your preparations.

What If My Spouse Threatens Me Over the Divorce?

In some cases, spouses are more than noncooperative in a divorce. Some threaten their partners, believing that they can scare or threaten them into not continuing with the divorce process.

You do not have to put up with this. Document everything and keep any evidence that you can, like recorded conversations, voicemail messages, or text messages. These can help you show that your marriage has deteriorated and that you have grounds for divorce, or they can prove useful if you want to pursue a protective odor.

What Happens When My Spouse Does Not Respond?

If your spouse just ignores the papers and does not respond to your requests to initiate divorce proceedings, you have to wait things out. Your spouse is technically not required to make a response after they are initially served with divorce papers, so it can be a while before the process can really start to advance.

If your spouse fails to participate in the divorce, you can establish a basis for the entry of a divorce decree. Eventually, there will be matters that require your spouse’s attention in a given timeframe. If they continue to ignore the divorce proceedings, the divorce will reach the point where it can be finalized by one party, the person who filed for divorce in the first place.

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