Truck accidents are generally less common than other vehicle accidents, but they are still always possible. A vehicle rollover accident occurs when a vehicle (usually a truck) tips over and lands on one side or on the roof. These accidents can be frightening and harmful experiences to the vehicle that rolls over and the surrounding vehicles. Have you recently been injured in a truck rollover accident? Continue reading or contact a York County, PA Truck Accident Attorney today to learn more about your options.


There are various circumstances that could lead to a truck rollover accident. Most of these accidents are caused by the truck driver’s inexperience and/or negligence. Trucks are much more likely than other vehicles to accidentally roll over because of their design. They often carry heavy cargo, and sharp turns or sudden stops can cause the truck to lose its balance and topple over. Inexperienced or negligent drivers have a higher chance of committing a driver error that can lead to an unfortunate accident. Examples of negligent driving include fatigued driving, driving while intoxicated, and distracted driving. Some accidents are due to a truck’s excess cargo or the truck company’s failure to perform routine maintenance. Rollover accidents can also be caused by factors outside of the driver’s control, such as poor road conditions.


Pennsylvania is a no-fault state when it comes to auto accidents. This means that no matter who was responsible for the accident, your auto insurance will be responsible for covering the damages. In order to receive compensation from another party, you’ll need to file a personal injury claim. However, this is usually only possible when another driver acted negligently and caused the accident. Negligence is defined in court as when someone fails their civic duty to minimize harm to others and subsequently causes an accident that injures other people. In order to win your personal injury claim after a truck accident, you’ll need to prove that the truck driver’s negligence directly led to the accident and your subsequent injuries.

Truck accidents are more complicated than other accidents because multiple parties are often involved. For example, the truck company can be at fault if the truck driver was driving while fatigued because they were working too many hours. Truck accidents can also be caused by faulty manufacturing parts due to a lack of truck maintenance. A personal injury can help you determine who is responsible so that you can possibly earn compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Your attorney can also gather the proper evidence such as surveillance video, witness statements, photos of the accident, hospital records indicating your injuries, and more.

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