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Getting charged with a DUI can alter someone’s life in many ways. A conviction can be detrimental to a person’s finances. Not only can you be charged for the offense, but the amount you pay for yearly auto insurance could also increase drastically. If you’ve recently been charged with a DUI, you might be worried about how your insurance will be affected. Our firm has the answers you need. To learn more, read this blog or reach out to a York County, PA DUI Attorney today for high-quality legal counseling.


Because insurance rates are based on the risk of you getting into a future accident, a DUI charge will absolutely affect your auto insurance. Insurers will often look at your driving history for the past 3-5 years, but they could look further back for DUI offenses. Some insurance companies even refuse to cover drivers with a DUI on their record. On average, DUI offenders have to pay 109% more than drivers with a clean record. While the average annual auto insurance rate in Pennsylvania is around $1,500, the average annual rate for DUI offenders is around $3,000. The more coverage you have under your insurance, the more your rates will increase.


The exact penalties you face for a DUI depend on your criminal history and the circumstances of the incident. If you’re a first-time offender and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was less than 0.10%, you can expect the minimum punishments. This often includes fines, up to six months of probation, participation in an alcohol highway safety school, and an ungraded misdemeanor charge. You’ll face heavier penalties if your BAC was 0.10% or higher because this is considered a “high BAC” charge.

Second-time DUI offenders usually face strict penalties too. If you’re convicted of a DUI a second time, your license can be suspended for up to a year, you’ll be incarcerated for at least five days, and you’ll be required to use an ignition interlock device (IID) for up to a year. After your third offense, you’re considered a repeat offender and therefore will likely receive the maximum punishment. This could be up to 2 years in prison and heavy fines along with the other usual penalties. After being charged with a DUI, you should seek an experienced DUI attorney who can help you reduce or dismiss your charges.

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