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Healthcare fraud is a serious crime with some serious penalties, especially if a government program like Medicaid is involved. It probably would not surprise you to learn that the government does not take it lightly when it appears that someone is trying to steal money from them. So if you are charged with healthcare fraud, you need to begin forming your own defense. A York County, PA theft crime attorney from our law firm can help you with that.

Can I Go to Jail for Healthcare Fraud?

Yes. In cases that involve defrauding Medicare, a healthcare provider can go to jail for up to 10 years. Other types of healthcare fraud may not result in such lengthy prison sentences, but jail time could certainly be on the table in your case.

A conviction can also result in fines and other punishments. The fine for the first claim of fraud is $5,000, the fine for the second claim is $10,000, and the fine for any additional claim is $15,000. You could also face the suspension of your license if you are a healthcare provider, not to mention a massive hit to your reputation. If you are under investigation for healthcare fraud, you must take the accusations seriously.

What Kinds of Crimes Are Considered Healthcare Fraud?

Many types of crimes fall under this umbrella, and most of them carry harsh penalties. You can be charged for healthcare fraud if:

  • You are a provider that bills for services that were never rendered
  • You are a provider who bills an insurer multiple times for the same service
  • You use someone else’s health insurance coverage or let someone use yours
  • You forge prescriptions

Essentially, if you find some way to get an insurance company to pay for something that they should not have paid for, that is healthcare fraud.

How Can a Defense Attorney Help Me?

Even if you think that this was a simple mistake or misunderstanding, you do not want to try and defend yourself when serious fines or jail time are being threatened. You may think that you can easily clear this up yourself, but a criminal defense attorney is sure to do a better job of defending you from accusations of wrongdoing.

Whether you are dealing with a private insurance company or the United States government, anyone leveling a healthcare fraud charge at you is going to have serious resources on their side. You can even the odds a bit by having a knowledgeable legal professional on your side.

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