Should I Worry About Fourth of July Drunk Driving Accidents?

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The Fourth of July is often a fun holiday, where we get together with friends and family and celebrate the birth of our nation. However, there is a dark side to this celebration. Some people have too good of a time and then get behind the wheel, making the roads more dangerous for everyone. You can take steps to protect yourself, but if you or your loved one get injured in an accident on the Fourth of July, a York County, PA drunk driving accident lawyer from our firm can help.

Can It Be Dangerous to Drive on the Fourth of July?

Unfortunately, our nation’s birthday can be a dangerous time to be on the road. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 1,500 drivers passed away in motor vehicle accidents during the Fourth of July holiday period from 2017 to 2021. In many cases alcohol was a contributor to the crash.

Many drivers just do not understand how easily alcohol can affect their ability to drive safely. Even if you would not be above the legal limit, having any alcohol before you drive can be incredibly dangerous. A blood alcohol concentration of just .02 can make it more difficult to drive.

How Can You Protect Yourself When Driving on the Fourth of July?

So if you plan to drink on the Fourth of July, make sure that you are not driving. You can prepare by making sure that there will be a sober driver around to take you home, or you can be ready to shell out for a cab or an Uber. They might be a bit more expensive due to the holiday, but a DUI and a damaged car are sure to cost you much more.

If you are driving and notice another driver who might be impaired, keep your distance. They can be unpredictable. Pull over and call the cops when you have the opportunity. You could help prevent a tragedy.

What Should I Do If I Get Into an Accident?

Unfortunately, it is still possible to get into a car accident on the Fourth of July no matter how safe you play things. If you are involved in a crash, you need to take this opportunity to gather evidence and protect yourself. We recommend that you:

  • Call the police to the scene
  • Exchange information with the other driver or drivers involved
  • Get info from any eyewitnesses, if there are any
  • Take pictures of the damaged vehicles
  • Take pictures of the accident scene
  • Get any medical care that you need
  • Talk to a car accident lawyer

Contact Our Personal Injury Lawyers

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