Can I Get a Divorce Without Going to Court?

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Going through a divorce can be a difficult and expensive process, and one thing that some of our clients particularly dread is having to go to court. Many of our clients ask if there is any way that they can get a divorce without going to court at all. There are some ways to do that actually, and a York County, PA divorce mediation attorney can advise you on the best way to move forward.

How Can I Get a Divorce Without Going to Court?

One of the best ways to avoid going to court is by opting for an uncontested divorce. This means that you and your spouse can sit down and work out each part of their divorce agreements. Then you do not need a court to decide on things like alimony, child support, or property division for you. You can just work things out yourselves.

Sometimes this can be difficult to do, even when spouses are on good terms with each other. This is why couples sometimes make use of a mediator when they are trying for an uncontested divorce. This is a neutral third party that can help everyone come to a fair arrangement. Our law firm actually has plenty of experience handling divorces in this way. If you need a qualified mediator, you should reach out to our law firm.

What Are the Requirements for Uncontested Divorce in PA?

There are some requirements that you need to meet before going through an uncontested divorce though. You must:

Meet residency requirements: One or both spouses must have lived in Pennsylvania for at least six months before you can file for a divorce.

File paperwork with the court: There are plenty of forms to fill out, but do not worry about getting overwhelmed. A lawyer from our firm can tell you just what you need to fill out and send in.

Wait for your spouse’s response: Your spouse can respond to your divorce filing. If they try to contest your claims you, perhaps unsurprisingly, lose the chance to pursue an uncontested divorce.

Exchange financial disclosures: Both you and your spouse have to gather up any relevant financial paperwork and make disclosures to each other. You want to keep everything transparent.

Then you can work on a settlement. Once that is reached, the state requires you to wait 90 days before filing an Affidavit of Consent. Then the court reviews your agreement and you are finished. This method of divorce is less time-consuming and less expensive than going through litigation.

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