A judge's gavel and block sit on a wooden desk. Nearby are a pair of open handcuffs, several hardcover books, and an open book with visible text. These items symbolize law and justice.

If you are facing a serious criminal charges, our attorneys have many years of experience handling all types of criminal cases, from summary offenses through serious felonies. We regularly attend courses with updates to the criminal law practice and are routinely in Court defending our clients in a wide variety of criminal charges. We handle PFA cases and violations and Probation Violation hearings. You will meet with one of our attorneys to evaluate your case and discuss a defense and strategy that best suits your particular matter. We have an active law practice in the District Court and the Court of Common Pleas. We also handle a large variety of traffic violations and Penn Dot issues. We also do criminal defense practice in the State of Maryland. We handle ex-parte hearings and Final Protective Order cases.