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  • Paula is an excellent lawyer, as well as a fantastic human being. She is intelligent, diligent, and thorough, and there is no one out there better. We were blessed to have her fighting for what’s right for us. If you need someone to fight for you and conquer the competition, look no further. You will not be disappointed. Her entire staff is second to none. From communicating to keeping us in the loop. She was a blessing to our family when fighting for our little guy. Thank you for all you do, Paula. You are top-notch!

  • Dear Attorney Ilkhanoff,

    Thank you so much for your assistance with this matter! It is a huge relief that I will be able to continue with my career to work with adults with Autism and do what I love. I am so grateful for everything you have done to help me get through this challenging time! I will definitely be willing to refer others to you and I highly recommend you to them!

  • I, The client, was incarcerated, scared, alone, and had no previous experience and no information about what would happen, how to handle myself, how to proceed. The attorney, Bernie Ilkhanoff’s initial contact with the client was a face to face personal meeting in the jail. This initial meeting, the reality of seeing and eye contact with a live person, was vital in gaining the client’s confidence.

    He asked the client to tell him her story of what happened. He listened, he asked for specifics of all the details, which gave her confidence that he was interested in her. He offered her the opportunity to ask questions. He gave her time to answer any questions he asked. Attorney Ilkhanoff gave the client the step by step details of the legal process, the five-step process of the hearings, the timeline leading to the trial. That built her confidence in his role, how he could be successful in defending her case. There were several meetings and conversations via phone. All these meetings were without time pressure.

    He was clear while also being kind about the seriousness of her situation, he emphasized that it was vitally important to follow his advice. Because of how he worked with the client through the process leading up to the hearing, she gained complete trust in his advice and adhered to that advice. He was a skillful, outstanding advocate, and successful in the final judgment for the client.

  • Attorneys Ilkhanoff  & Silverstein would get my vote every time. I mainly worked with Attorney Silverstein on my case, but Attorney Ilkhanoff also helped with some parts of it. I would like to say thank you to him for his help. Attorney Silverstein went over & beyond with this case. She was so great at getting back to me and keeping me informed, sometimes after hours. She is top-notch at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a very good attorney. I just can’t say enough about the work she did on my case and the help of her office staff getting or helping me with anything I needed. Again, I would definitely recommend Attorney Silverstein. Thank you, Paula for all you did for me.

  • I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in April 2018 I wasn’t sure if I needed a lawyer at the time but that soon became apparent when I missed a large amount of time from work due to my injury. I was recommended to Bernard llkhanoff and his team and they have been fantastic. The moment I walked in I was made to feel welcome and put at ease by Leslie before she then introduced me to Bernard. Bernard explained how the proceedings were going and advised me on what I needed to provide him in order to get underway. Everything was in plain English with no complicated jargon, so I knew where I stood and what I needed to do and I was made aware my case was not going to be a quick process and could take up 12 months to complete.

    Bernard and his team have been so professional and friendly I was kept up to date with how things were going with my case and I was made to feel at ease because I feel confident in him and his ability to get the job done. My case was closed in December of 2019 and he had reached a settlement for more than I had expected. Bernard and his team went way beyond my expectations and for me he is my number one go-to Lawyer. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend him to my family friend’s because he truly is a model professional in his field.

  • Thank you for everything in my time of need. You had made a bad experience go away and made me feel that there are a few good decent people out there that can be trusted. My experience with you was as calm and laid back and it made me feel comfortable from the beginning until the end.  I would highly recommend your service to anyone on a scale of 1-10 you are a 10+.  Again, thank you for the help needed.

  • Paula,

    I cannot thank you enough for all you have done with working on my case these past few months. This has been the most heartbreaking, gut-wrenching experience a mother could ever walk through. Having you fight and advocate for my children the way that you have has been nothing short of amazing and words could never express the depth of my gratitude. My family and friends are equally amazed at how well you have defended and represented us. I felt as if you were fighting for your own children, the way you and Bernard invested yourselves in the PFA hearings. I am in tears as I type this email. Thank you so very much.

    As we await Judge Strong’s decision, I am at peace knowing that we’ve done everything possible for my boys and their well-being… as my wonderful, dear friend and sponsor, Caroline, told me several weeks ago, “we simply do the stitching and leave the pattern up to God.” I trust the right outcome will happen for my boys. Leslie and Kirsten, thank you for the support you have provided and ongoing communication when I would call panicked and distressed as recent events unfolded. You always kept me in the loop and were available when needed. Thank you both. You all have become like family through this whole ordeal.

  • My custody case was brutal. Mediation, Conferences, Hearings, Trial, Appeals….etc. It seemed very overwhelming. In our first meeting, Paula basically told me “Relax….just focus on being a good dad. You hired me to handle the legal side. Trust me, do what I ask, and you will be fine.” She understood the emotional stress that went along with my custody case and helped to keep me focused. Paula and her team sifted through piles of information, conducted hours of research, and developed a strategy that ultimately led to a winning trial. I highly recommend Paula and her team for family law cases. I will certainly continue to call on her for legal advice and representation.

  • During my hour of need, Bernard Ilkhanoff came to my rescue. His diligence and dedication to me really made the difference in my criminal case. He fought for me and saved me from spending the rest of my life in jail and causing extreme hardship for my family. He was always available when I needed encouragement and answered any questions I may have had. Bernard worked hard to get all felony charges against me nolle prossed. In the end, Mr. Ilkhanoff’s hard work and compassion for his clients shows that he is one that goes the extra mile for his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal counsel in a criminal case.

  • Mr. Bernard, Thank you so much for taking our case so personally. You truly helped calm our fears and helped my husband see things much clearer. We know you fought hard for us and we promise you won’t regret it! Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to truly show our appreciation for all your hard work. We pray that God continues to bless you and your family as much and more than you have blessed us. Thank you, Bernard.

  • I want to thank you and your staff so much for everything you all have and continue to do for my family and I. I cannot thank you all enough. Thank you for treating my family like your own. Like I have said, I cannot thank you all enough. I am so thankful to have you all in my corner for support. I know that you do everything you possibly can for my family and I. Thank you for all of your honesty and advice. I am so grateful to have you all!

  • Thanks so much! I will refer your office to anyone needing lawyer services! God Bless you all!

  • Dear Bernie, I just wanted to thank you for your phone call and for bringing this settlement and divorce to closure. It was never how I envisioned my life turning out, but it’s the hand I’ve been dealt and I’m ready to live with it. (and, in spite of it!) You have been wonderful to me; a counselor, an advocate, and even a trusted friend. I can’t imagine anyone else who would dig in and build my case, ensuring that my future financial needs will be so well accommodated. I am glad my friend referred and directed me to you and your firm. I’ll do the same for anyone who might ask me where to turn in a time of trouble. Thank you, too, for being a man of integrity throughout this. It’s not easy to be that way! My family and friends, without even having met you, hold you in high esteem. Because you deserve it! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for being there for me!

  • Paula & Bernie, Thanks for your insights and assistance with the Judicial Forum. It was truly a wonderful event for our community members and I’m so glad to have had your background and expertise in guiding its organization.

  • Attorney Ilkhanoff was very professional and easy to work with. He was very clear as to what our options were and the possible outcomes might be. He came to court prepared and ready to make our case. We were very pleased and can absolutely recommend him.

  • We were at our lowest and we knew we needed a miracle. I have had zero success with Attorneys for years. I went in for a consultation with Paula Silverstein and I knew I was in good hands. She did what no other Attorney would try to do and we won, not once, not twice, but three times! She puts her whole heart and soul into each case. For years, my son and I lived in fear and we do not have to; we can finally live our lives. As I write this, tears of joy are streaming down my face. The whole TEAM of Ilkhanoff and Silverstein are amazing and will forever be family.

  • Attorney Ilkhanoff handled my trip and fall case at a restaurant in Maryland. I was referred to him by a local judge and felt completely at ease with him from the start. He investigated my case, hired the right expert, and negotiated a settlement that was far better than I could have ever expected. His staff was great to work with and always available to answer my questions. I highly recommend Attorney Ilkhanoff and his firm to anyone who has been injured through no fault of their own. I will use their services in the future if the need arises.

  • Bernard Ilkhanoff recently represented us in the adoption of our granddaughter. He is very approachable, knowledgeable, and astute in the law. At a very difficult time in our lives, he was not only a capable attorney but also showed himself as a caring father aware of the importance of family. In addition, his staff was very gracious and caring about all the preparation for our hearing.

  • I just cannot say enough about your Law firm. I was going thru a really hard time in life with a divorce. I had been married for 25yrs and my ex-husband and I needed to part ways. I never had to deal with a divorce or any other situation like this and contacted your firm. I not only felt relieved but I felt that you took my case and I had no worries. I left everything up to you knowing the knowledge you had was what I needed. When going thru a time like this you never feel your head is clear to make decisions that will impact the rest of your life. That’s where I felt you took over and walked me thru it. I felt like family was by my side. If I had a question you were there. If I needed support you were there. I hope to never need to be in a situation that I need a lawyer again but if it were to happen there is no doubt that I would use your firm again. I cannot say enough about your firm and If anyone needs a good lawyer I would recommend you in a heartbeat. No questions about it. Thank you so much for everything. God bless

  • Dear Paula, Words can never express my gratitude for what you accomplished for me and my child. Your willingness to go the extra mile and to take a personal interest in the case’s outcome was truly exceptional. Not only are you a great lawyer, but you are a tenacious, compassionate person. You really are my “lawyer for life.”

  • What started out as another individual that was part of the case going to consult with Bernard, turned into him inquiring within myself for a whole other reason involving the case. Prior to going to his office, I was clueless to the matter that I actually had a case that I could pursue but I’m overly thankful that he inquired, I consulted with him and pursued further actions. The outcome was magnificent, he carried out every action he said he would and even went above and beyond to get me everything I was entitled to. Bernard and his staff during communications were very respectful and upfront. Any further legal business in which Bernard could handle for me will be dealt through him and any lawyer recommendations sent to him. I couldn’t be more pleased and thankful for Bernard for handling my case and being so trustworthy.

  • Paula was knowledgeable and always able to answer my questions. Every time I would start to get anxious and worry about my case, she would remind me to relax and reassure me that she was on top of my case. After a lot of back and forth between opposing counsel, conciliation, mediation, we ended up in a trial. Paula did a great job examining and cross-examining my ex and his witnesses. The judge’s decision was in my favor.

  • For my very first meeting, I felt comfortable and assured that my case would be handled with care and professionalism. Ms. Silverstein was always available to answer questions and kept me in the loop every step of the way. This extended through the entire staff at Ilkhanoff & Silverstein. I recommended your firm because of your honesty, integrity, professionalism, knowledge of the law and promptness, but most of all I was treated like family.

  • This was my first time using a lawyer for anything at all and I was very nervous. Luckily, Mr. Iikhanoff was very friendly and helpful and made me feel at ease. He was not pushy at all which is what I was afraid of! He kept me up to date on what was happening with my case and it did settle within a year and I was satisfied w/the settlement. I would recommend him to a family member or friend anytime.

  • Paula, Words cannot express how grateful I am that the case did not go to trial. I appreciate your professionalism and desire to reach an agreement that will benefit H and E the rest of their lives in a positive way. You have an amazing talent and I am happy I got to meet you.

  • I cannot express in words how wonderful Paula and her team of professionals were to have on my side while dealing with our custody situation. The guidance and support she gave us was just the peace of mind we needed during the stressful time. I took comfort in knowing no matter the day of week or time of day, Paula would respond to my questions and concerns immediately. Paula has stuck with my family for over five years and has done nothing but provide us with excellent service! The Ilkhanoff and Silverstein firm is a part of our family because they care for us like family.

  • Attorney Ilkhanoff was a pleasure to work with. He was professional and attentive. The PFA case was very stressful. In the end, Attorney Ilkhanoff won the case and I was granted a 3-year no-contact PFA. His legal acumen was above reproach and his skills in the courtroom were stellar. I would recommend Attorney Iklhanoff to anyone seeking excellent legal representation.

  • Bernard & Paula, Thank you for your truly professional support in bringing our case to closure with a very positive outcome. You gave us insightful counsel that enabled us to persevere; and more importantly referred us to exceptional physicians, experts in their field, who were able to make us whole once again.

  • Hiring the law firm of Ilkhanoff and Silverstein was one of the best decisions I have made on behalf of my future. From the initial conversation with Attorney Ilkhanoff through the conclusion of my case I felt 150% supported and that Attorney Ilkhanoff had the best interest of myself and my family as priority #1. Bernard went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure no stone was left unturned. He explained what was to occur and the best and worst possible scenarios that could come to fruition. I am very grateful to Bernard and the rest of the firm of Ilkhanoff and Silverstein and would recommend them to anyone who requires legal assistance in any facet.

  • I retained lkhanoff & Silverstein for my divorce. I was so glad I had Paula as my attorney. She was always readily available and made sure that my ex-husband didn’t receive a dime from me! Even though my ex dragged out my divorce for two years, she was always up-to-date on my case and information. If I had a question, I received a response that day. Paula is very knowledgeable and a master of her trade. She was very aggressive in court and passionate about winning. I’m so glad she was on my side! Going through this divorce with Paula reduced a lot of stress and saved me a lot of money. I will definitely be referring friends and family for all of their legal needs to lkhanoff & Silverstein.

  • I highly recommend Ilkhanoff & Silverstein. Mine was a complex case involving four insurance companies. Mr. Ilkhanoff hit a grand slam – achieving the best possible settlement. This was after the insurers claimed no liability or sought to settle at a bare minimum. Their tune changed as soon as I engaged this law firm. It was still a tough battle, but Mr. Ilkhanoff prevailed. No one could have done better. My outcome was the “best case scenario”. Their entire team was excellent – I was kept informed and given sound advice through out the process. I could not recommend them more strongly!

  • Paula is a wonderful lawyer! She was thorough and aggressive in handling the case and caring and supportive of us in the process. I wish I had known of her 6 years ago, but am very thankful to have found her! She has done more for me than anyone else ever thought to. Thank you very much for all that you did!

  • Our experience with Ilkhanoff & Silverstein was a very positive one. Our documents were completed in a timely and efficient manner. The suggestions were excellent and as a result, we have utilized their services several times.

  • I hired Paula to handle my custody matter. She was referred by a friend of mine and the best decision I ever made was hiring Paula! I was nervous about taking my ex-husband back to court for custody but during my 1st meeting with Paula she explained what would happen and spoke the honest truth on what could happen in the best case scenario and in the worst case scenario. After the first appointment, I felt so much more at ease and had a lot of confidence in her ability to represent me in my custody case. She and her staff have always made me feel welcome and cared about me and my son. Paula is very knowledgeable in custody and was able to answer any question I had during the custody matter. My ex-husband pulled a lot of stunts during the custody matter and Paula was right there to fight for me. She does not let the opposing party bully or cut down her client. She fights for her client with full force. I was extremely nervous about the custody trial but Paula and her team did an excellent job in prepping the case, me and the witnesses for the trial. It was amazing watching her in the courtroom! She really fought for me and did a great job of cross-examining my ex-husband and his witnesses. In the end, Paula helped me win my custody case! It truly was a stressful time in the custody matter from start to finish but Paula and her team are with you all the way and give you the constant support you need. I am truly grateful to her for winning my custody case! I highly recommend her to anyone that is involved in a custody matter.

  • The very first moment I met Paula, I knew that she was the attorney I was in search of. All at once, she started preparing things for me on my behalf and on short notice. That very moment, a weight was lifted from my shoulders…they are sincere, sharp, professional, reputable and outstanding trial attorneys.

  • I hired Paula to handle the mediation portion of my divorce. Many aspects of how she handled the case impressed me. When my ex-husband and his counsel dragged their feet, purposely or not, she could motivate them to move forward. The communication between Paula, her paralegal, and myself was very good. Paula took time on the weekends to address my concerns, particularly if she could not contact me during the weekdays due to being in court. Paula did a great job of revising the Marriage Settlement Agreement to protect my interests. Paula is professional and personable. She showed me compassion, yet still communicated to me what was realistic and practical. I admired how she fought for my rights and a fair settlement. I made a good decision in hiring Paula Silverstein!

  • I am very excited to pick up Lillie after daycare today! We are having an Easter Egg Hunt and Dye party this afternoon/evening with the family. This Sunday will be our very first Easter together. I cannot begin to thank you for making this happen! You and your staff are wonderful! Lillie and I are so lucky to have your support and continued dedication.

  • The Best!!! Attorney Silverstein was truly a professional. As grandparents seeking custody of our grandchild, it felt like an incredible uphill battle, yet we prevailed. We thank and attribute this success to great counsel.

  • I was undergoing charges for a DUI case and had no knowledge of how to handle it in court. It was the first time I had ever been pulled over even for a ticket! I was scared and unsure of how to proceed and Mr. Ilkhanoff was of GREAT help. He walked me through step-by-step and was able to help me proceed with a first-time offense through the ARD program. Now my criminal charges have been dismissed. It wasn’t easy, but I am convinced it would have been much more difficult for me without his guidance. I’m happy to say I hope I’ll never need his assistance again, but if I did need anything… he is the first I would think to call.

  • Paula, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff, Leslie and Kristen. I was truly fortunate to have obtained legal services from your firm given my financial circumstances. You took my case pro-bono and ultimately helped me obtain full legal custody of my grandchildren. You and your staff have given me peace of mind, my grandchildren, and faith in our legal system. From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU! Now I too can be one of the many people you have helped that speak so highly of you and your firm.

  • My name is Chris Bailey and in January of 2011, I was involved in an auto accident in Shrewsbury. Ilkhanoff and Silverstein were recommended to me and I met with Bernard shortly thereafter. From the first meeting, I could tell that the office was professional, serious and competent in everything that they do. Bernard explained everything in layman’s terms and walked me through the process as to what I could expect. There was never any pressure to settle my case quickly or take the easy way out. Bernard would explain all the options, weigh the pros and cons with me and let me make the decision as to how I wanted to proceed. In my case, I chose the long hard road and it took over three years to get the insurance companies to come around to work with us. Bernard was easy to communicate with, easily reachable and willing to discuss any concerns I had throughout that time. In the end, my case settled for much more than I had even initially hoped, all thanks to the expertise and tenacity of Bernard and his team. I recommend Ilkhanoff and Silverstein very highly and if I ever need the services of attorneys again for any reason they will be my first call.

  • Ms. Silverstein and her office staff treat you like family. From my first appointment, I knew I chose the right attorney to represent me. Attorney Silverstein was always available and even communicated in the evenings when the day was spent in court. She totally gets the dynamics as it relates to women and the disparity that continues to exist in the legal system. She always spoke honestly and presented the facts and her advice and counsel in a way that I always felt fully informed and comfortable. She and her staff are an extended family. I would highly recommend Ms. Silverstein without reservation!

  • Paula is seriously the best attorney you could ever have. I lucked out finding her because she is more than just an attorney. Not only does she work hard and gives it everything she has, but she actually cares about you as her client. It isn’t all about the money. She truly is an amazing person inside and out. I am proud to say that she is not only my lawyer but is also a friend. Paula and her husband Bernard are just absolutely incredible. My life has been forever changed since I decided to hire Paula! I had a two-day trial for custody for my son and WE WON! Going into court is always an uneasy feeling. I must say she really works so hard and is more prepared to help you then you could ever imagine. If you want this kind of service it is exactly what you get! Paula and her entire staff are unbelievable. If you need help she is a MUST HIRE!

  • Our life was literally altered when my husband was in a horrific car accident. He was hospitalized with substantial injuries and required 8 months of painful physical therapy. In addition to his physical pain and suffering our whole family was affected and emotionally traumatized by the whole ordeal. I really felt lost, confused and threatened by pushy insurance representatives seeking information from me the day after the accident. During that particular time of crisis, I honestly couldn’t handle the bombardment of their pressing questions, regarding the accident. With all of the uncertainties that we were bound to face in the days ahead, we needed someone who was sincere and compassionate. As well as someone who had a successful track record with personal injury cases. Shortly after my husband was released from the hospital, I was taking the trash out to the end of our driveway. I noticed our neighbor who was taking a walk and passing by our driveway. She stopped to say “hi” and we began to talk. She proceeded by telling me that she was taking a walk because of the stress that she was under and she needed to clear her head. She continued the conversation by telling me that the stress was due to a recent car accident that she was involved in a few weeks, prior. I began to tell her about our misfortune and she said to me, “You need a really good lawyer” “His name is Bernard Ilkhanoff”. She began to tell me that Attorney Bernard was handling her claim and she was extremely impressed with his professionalism and experience. In the business world, it is commonly known that your best form of advertisement is by word of mouth. Well, it was through my neighbor’s “words” and her testimony that gave me the confidence and assurance that my prayers were being answered and I was divinely directed in the right path. From the first day of our free consultation, Attorney Bernard Ilkhanoff provided us with everything we were looking for in a lawyer. He gave us the compassionate support that we desperately needed at the time and also sound legal advice. With my husband’s accident occurring in Maryland, Attorney Bernard was knowledgeable about the laws of Maryland and he along with his legal team possessed the knowledge and wisdom needed for our claim. He was firm and serious and gave us instructions to follow in order to build a strong case. If we had any questions or concerns, Attorney Bernard, was quick to respond to our phone calls. His expertise put our minds at ease in knowing that we could trust him with handling our insurance claim. The staff at Ilkhanoff & Silverstein’s were so pleasant to work with. They were genuinely concerned for our well-being. If we had any concerns they were prompt in getting back with us. Their promptness and courtesy really made our difficult situation endurable. Attorney Bernard was successful in settling our claim with both insurance companies. Because of his unwavering effort and his commitment to our claim, he was able to obtain a substantial amount which surpassed our expectations. My husband and I want to personally thank Attorney Ilkhanoff and the legal team of Ilkhanoff & Silverstein for their dedication in handling our insurance claim. We now have peace of mind and can move forward with our lives

  • Thanks to our lawyer team, Ilkhanoff & Silverstein, we will be celebrating our first Christmas as an official family. Four years ago, my partner and I decided to have a child. We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. We lived in Tennessee, and as soon as she turned 6 months old we began the adoption process so that I could be her legal mother as well. Our lawyer had done many second-parent adoptions, so we were very excited to get the adoption process going. A year and a half later, my heart was broken by a judge who said he would not grant the second-parent adoption because it wasn’t legal in Tennessee, and when my lawyer shared with him that it had been done in many counties surrounding, he would not allow her to speak. He made us sit through the entire day in the courtroom listing to all the other cases with our 2-year-old girl to tell us he was not going to approve the adoption. My heart was broken. We moved to Pennsylvania to be close to family and decided to try the second-parent adoption process again. We chose Ilkhanoff & Silverstein to take our case. We met the team and decided to take a chance. We were not disappointed! The second-parent adoption process was smooth and approved that very day in court. I am very glad we chose Ilkhanoff & Silverstein and would recommend to anyone their services.

  • After injuries from an accident I was very confused & frustrated trying to deal with insurance companies. I’ve never used a lawyer before & was nervous to do so. I found Attorney Ilkhanoff & he came to my house to talk. He handled all of our questions honestly, openly and professionally; we signed with him on the spot. What a relief to have someone else deal with the insurance companies! He kept me up to date on my case & we settled within a year; I was beyond satisfied with the settlement. I would recommend him to a friend or family member in a heartbeat!

  • Dear Paula & Staff, It is hard to find the words to express how thankful we are for all you did for us these past two years. The friendliness, kindness, and understanding you showed us was greatly appreciated.

  • Dear Ms. Silverstein, You have helped me keep my daughter that much safer and for that, I cannot thank you enough.

  • Paula and her team are absolutely amazing. They made my process being a part of my son’s life a reality very quickly. They are so attentive to every detail and handled everything in a very professional manner. I can say I could feel the support from this team was so strong, it felt very unconditional. This team will fight for you no matter what. Paula, Leslie, and Kirsten, you all are amazing people! There needs to be more of you in this world. I am just in complete shock and disbelief of how I could have been guided in their direction. Hiring Paula and her ladies is an ABSOLUTE no-brainer and A MUST. Trust in her and everything will work out! Thank you all so much!

  • My experience with Bernard Ilkhanoff was a very positive one. From the moment I walked into the office I felt comfortable and assured that everything would be fine. My case was handled with the utmost professionalism. Mr. Ilkhanoff has a lot of compassion for his clients and a pleasure to work with. I want to thank Mr. Ilkhanoff and his staff from the bottom of my heart and I will highly refer Ilkhanoff & Silverstein to anyone needing a lawyer. Thank you again.”

  • I hired Paula for custody of my son. Realizing this was a decision that would greatly affect the lives of my son and I, I put all trust in her. Paula continued to advise me of the process and all that was involved with keeping us on track with the goal of primary custody. When the trial date came around, Paula was amazing. Her knowledge, experience, and drive to do what she felt was right, prevailed in the courtroom. I immediately felt comfortable and hopeful. In every part of the two-day trial, Paula was a step ahead. We won the trial and now I have primary custody of my son. I couldn’t be more thankful. Paula was able to take a situation in which I felt helpless and completely turn it around. Thinking back, there’s no one else I would’ve rather had to represent my son and I. Thank you so much, Paula!!!

  • As you are well aware, I entered your office with a boatload of issues, some that were not handled properly by my previous attorneys and some that were new. Nevertheless, Paula Silverstein smiled and stepped right up to see me through these issues until they are corrected and closed. It was quite obvious at our previous appointment with the Divorce Master, that Paula cares, is well versed in the legal realm, and is a fighter in my corner taking the lead to accomplish what is best for me. When I was asked to share my experience working with Paula and her law firm, I was glad to be asked and share.

  • We are grandparents who have a happy ending to a sad story. Two years ago we started a campaign to secure custody and a safe and happy life for our grandson after our son died. We hired Ilkhanoff and Silverstein to represent our case. They were professional, sensitive and understanding. Even with the drug and alcohol issues our grandson’s mother has, we knew, as grandparents, it would be an uphill battle to get custody away from her. Paula and her staff advised us to be patient and trust that they will sift through all the evidence and bring out the truth when we have our day in court. Step by step we walked through the process with the confident and competent counsel of Paula Silverstein. Our 3-year-old grandson is safe, healthy and happy. He was rescued from an unstable life caught up in the dangerous drug culture, thanks to Ilkhanoff and Silverstein.

  • Bernard Ilkhanoff, Esq.: An iron fist with a velvet glove The charges: Criminal trespass: Misdemeanor of the First Degree, and Maximum sentence was 5 years’ incarceration and/or $10,000.00 fine. The above charge and its successful resolution was a life-altering event, a life lesson, and a true learning experience. While the details of my charges will remain private, suffice to say that my defense required a clear understanding of my objectives and desired outcome. Mr. Ilkhanoff instinctively knew the correct approach to negotiate with the District Attorney’s office to meet my objectives. Having the charges withdrawn and the record expunged in exchange for 20 hours of community service was a successful outcome exceeding my expectations. I believe that the successful disposition of my case hinged upon Mr. Ilkhanoff’s ability to communicate effectively with the right people and his knowledge of the local legal system. In my case a reasoned discussion, a “velvet glove approach” lead to the desired outcome. I am also sure that successful legal negotiations are dependent upon the strength of an attorney’s capabilities. Mr. Ilkhanoff carries a quiet intensity and a will to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients, whether or not the gloves come off in the pursuit of justice. For my successful outcome, Thank you, Bernard

  • Paula is very good at making the truth be known when the other party is trying to bring her clients down, and lying about their own conduct. She keeps you informed, lets you know what it except, and has always gotten us positive results.

  • I engaged Paula Silverstein to represent me for my divorce and child custody case. When I walked into her office for my first appointment I was nervous and quite upset. Paula and her staff were quite warm and welcoming. Paula is very well versed in Pennsylvania Law and not only answered all of my questions but provided me with all the information I needed to begin the process of divorce and child custody. I felt so much better after talking with her and knew if I needed anything she was a phone call away. Paula really cares about the client and puts the client’s needs first. Even when I had to contact her on a weekend she made herself available to talk to me, providing the guidance, direction and the support I needed. To date, she has represented me in court five times and each time there has been a very positive outcome because she deals with only the facts and the truth. I admire her because she is a fair no-nonsense individual who does not promise her clients unrealistic results regarding the outcome of a hearing. I have referred two of my friends to Paula in the past six months because I know she provides very concise and factual information. In regard to her staff, they are wonderful. I can’t tell you how much support I have felt from her entire office. They really care about you as an individual. I don’t ever feel like just another client. They are so professional yet caring which is exactly what an individual needs when going through such a difficult time.

  • Our experience with Bernard Ilkhanoff, Paula Silverstein and their staff were positive from start to finish and they were always sincere and genuine. My wife and I would love to see you benefit from their expertise in law. They took our difficult case to heart with coaching us and making very stressful Court situations, depositions etc. much less stressful by explaining things in detail and making sure we were comfortable. Please start with Bernard and Paula as we wasted a lot of time with lawyers where it’s all about the money and not justice.

  • Dear Bernard, Thank you for the kind wishes and the exemplary service that you and your staff showed me. Please extend my gratitude to them. I am grateful and relieved to have my family back. Happy summer to you and yours.

  • Attorney Silverstein had only the best interest in mind for me and my children. She was clear and forthright in her intentions and my expectations. Attorney Silverstein was also compassionate towards my children and made a most difficult circumstance easier to navigate through. Furthermore, her staff was always very courteous and prompt in returning calls and emails.

  • Attorney Silverstein was a pleasure to work with. She was professional and attentive. The child custody case was a long, difficult road. In the end, Attorney Silverstein won the case and I was granted primary custody. Her legal acumen was above reproach and her skills in the courtroom were stellar. I would recommend Attorney Silverstein to anyone seeking excellent legal representation.

  • Thank you so much for all your help. I was a happy man when it was over. More importantly, my children are happy. You have a great team and everyone was helpful and positive.

  • I hired Bernard to handle my divorce during a distressful time in my life, which included the deaths of my parents. What I admired most about Bernard was his ability to communicate to me what was emotional thinking and what were the decisions I had to make to keep the divorce process moving. He suggested relinquishing my legal responsibility to the marital residence. This settlement proved to be a genius decision. Bernard protected my rights with respect to support and disability. His humor often diffused my anxiety. I knew that his primary concern was my welfare.

  • I used Paula as my attorney in my personal child custody case. She was such a blessing & help in this trying and at times very ugly process. Having Paula in my corner and seeing her prepare and function in the courtroom was amazing for certain. I would highly recommend her for any family law matters. I have used several other lawyers in the past but Paula will be the attorney that I recommend to friends and family if the need would arise.

  • Words cannot express how thankful we are to have you as our friend and attorney. No matter what the outcome, we know that you presented the case with intelligence and the utmost professionalism. Thank you so much!! Please thank your team for me too!

  • When you are faced with having to retain an attorney to assist with directing you and your family through a divorce and custody, it is the most terrifying feeling in the world! You pray that the person representing you as you and your children’s best interest at heart. Three years ago my divorce and custody battle started. (I truly felt I had hit rock bottom in my life). I put my trust and faith in Paula and Bernard to guide me through this difficult process. They were patient, professional and very attentive to every need of my family. By far the most difficult part of this process was knowing my children had to testify in court. Paula made sure my children were comfortable and feeling secure and not anxiety riddled through the process. She did an AMAZING job! Both Paula and Bernard were by my side through at least six court cases and then in between corresponding between opposing counsel. They were both straightforward, always putting me at ease and honest throughout the process which I greatly respect. I am forever indebted to them for all they have done for my children and myself!

  • Paula was there for me every step of the way! She was never afraid to go on the offensive and dig deep to get results. Hiring Paula to work my divorce and child custody was the best thing I could have done! I have referred several other family, friends and co-workers because I know she’s all ways looking out for their best interest! Paula has always kept mine and my children’s best interest in mind. Even while I was deployed her team fought for my best interest. If I had to do it all over again I would most assuredly hire Paula.

  • We are so impressed with Paula’s communication style. Whenever we contact her or her staff, we are always well informed of the latest updates having to deal with our case. She is honest and gives us excellent advice and always on a timely basis. She was recommended to us by a friend who guaranteed us that we would be satisfied and we are extremely pleased with the results! She is so easy to talk to, always giving us explanations in easy terms to understand. Both my husband and I have referred at least three other clients to her firm, all being very pleased with their results. I would absolutely recommend retaining Paula for your legal needs!

  • I was wrongfully charged with a DUI amongst other offenses following a vehicle accident. It was a very confusing and stressful time. Attorney Ilkhanoff was attentive and took a complete interest in my situation. He took the time to comprehensively explain to me the legalities of my charges. He was aggressive in his research and upon entering the courtroom was in complete control. It was a successful experience as my charges were dropped. Great job!

  • Several years ago, I found myself in need of representation in regards to a civil contract dispute and I had the pleasure of meeting Bernard Ilkhanoff of Ilkhanoff & Silverstein. Mr. Ilkhanoff not only resolved my issue but also found the other party not living up to the legal agreement that had been made. Since then, I have sought Mr. Ilkhanoff and Ms. Silverstein for a personal injury case and was very satisfied with how the matter was handled and resolved.

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