Close-up of a vibrant green cannabis plant with multiple pointed leaves. The plant is in focus, displaying its characteristic serrated leaf edges and central stem, while the background is softly blurred—symbolizing the evolving marijuana laws in Pennsylvania.

Marijuana, in many states across the US, has been either decriminalized or completely legalized. That being said, if you are caught in the possession of marijuana, or are facing any other marijuana-related offense in Pennsylvania, you are facing drug charges and you absolutely need the assistance of an aggressive Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney who will work to fight those charges in any way possible. Below, we have established a short guide regarding the potential consequences of marijuana-related charges in the state. Continue reading to learn more about what you are up against, and then contact us for our legal assistance.

What happens if I am caught in possession of marijuana in Pennsylvania?

If you are caught in possession of the drug, you risk facing misdemeanor charges, which will go on your record and may follow you for life. The consequences of a marijuana possession charge in Pennsylvania are as follows:

  • 30 grams or less: You may spend up to 30 days in jail, as well as face a $500 fine
  • More than 30 grams: You may spend up to 1 year in jail, as well as face a potential $5,000 fine

With an experienced attorney at your side, if this is your first offense, you may receive a conditional release, though, for a second conviction, you risk doubled sentencing, which is why regardless of your charges, you need an experineced attorney at your side.

What are the consequences of selling or distributing marijuana in PA?

Those who are caught selling the drug in PA risk facing even harsher consequences, including the following:

  • 30 grams or less without profit: You may go to jail for 30 days and face a potential $500 fine
  • More than 30 grams: This is a felony charge, for which you may go to jail for up to 5 years, as well as face a potential $15,000 fine
  • Within 1,000 feet of a school OR within 250 feet of a recreational playground: You may spend up to four years in jail.
  • To a minor: You risk facing doubled sentencing.

Rather obviously, no matter your charges, you risk facing consequences that can impact your life for years to come, and a criminal record can, under some circumstances, haunt you for the rest of your life, which is why we are here to help. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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