police interrogation

Being interrogated by law enforcement can be extremely nerve-wracking, even if you know that you haven’t committed a crime. Many people don’t know how to properly react when police officers ask them about an investigation. Thankfully, our highly experienced law firm has the answers you’ll need! Continue reading this blog to find out why you might need a lawyer if you ever speak to the police about a criminal case. You may also reach out to a York County, PA Criminal Defense Attorney for individualized legal counseling.


Even though the police are trained to have the general public’s best interests in mind, officers are still individual people with their own personal biases. There are many situations where an officer may believe an innocent person is guilty with no logical proof. Some bad cops might even badger a false confession out of suspects just to get the case closed. This is why we highly recommend hiring a lawyer (or at least speaking to one) before answering questions about any criminal case, even if you had no involvement whatsoever.


You should avoid telling the police any information that could possibly get you charged with a crime. Avoid lying though, because you can face criminal charges if you’re caught misinforming the police. When possible, always exercise your right to remain silent and wait until a lawyer is present before answering any questions. If an officer insists you answer a question, just explain that you want to speak to an attorney first. You can always schedule an interrogation for a later time.

You might not know that the police are legally allowed to lie to you. Some police officers use manipulation tactics to get information out of people, which could lead to false confessions. The good news is that an experienced criminal defense lawyer will be aware of these tactics and the ways to protect their clients from manipulation. You don’t need to feel alone if you’re being falsely accused of a crime, and you should always reach out to a lawyer if your rights are ever threatened.

Have you recently been questioned by police officers? It’s completely normal to feel nervous in that situation. Thankfully, you can speak with a trustworthy criminal defense lawyer who can help you protect your rights. Ilkhanoff & Silverstein are here to fight for you! Contact our highly experienced law firm today for an initial consultation.