Close-up of icicles hanging from the edge of a surface, possibly a roof or eave. The icicles vary in length and shape, with some slightly blurred due to the depth of field. The background appears to be a concrete wall in Pennsylvania, where snow or ice accidents can lead to compensation claims.

Snow removal is a tedious task. We often find ourselves outside for hours attempting to shovel our cars out of our driveways. But, snow removal is a necessity, in more ways than you may realize. If you fail to clean your property after a snow or rainfall event and someone becomes injured as a result, you may be considered negligent and held responsible for any injuries incurred. So, who exactly is responsible for snow removal in Pennsylvania? Read on to learn more.

Who is Responsible for Snow Removal?

In Pennsylvania, property owners are responsible for clearing their properties of snow and ice after a snow or rainfall event. This must be done during a certain window of time. This window varies by municipality. So, if your property becomes icy and you do not clean it in time, and someone becomes injured as a result, you may be held responsible. But how do you know if snow and ice removal is your responsibility? The answer depends upon a lot of factors. For example, if you own a single-family home, you are most likely responsible for snow removal. But, this becomes more complex when it comes to multi-family homes. Additionally, what happens if you rent a property and you do not technically own it? Each town has its own ordinances when it comes to snow removal. It is important to check your town’s rules. This is because in some cases, a property owner, landlord, tenant, or municipality may be responsible.

What if Someone Becomes Injured on My Property?

If you are the party responsible for removing snow and you fail to do so within the defined grace period, you can find yourself in a lot of legal trouble. If someone is injured due to your negligence, they may be able to hold you responsible. If this occurs, you will need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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