Who is Responsible For Injuries Caused by Dangerous Road Conditions?

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In some car accidents, it is easy to tell who should be held responsible. Two cars can hit each other, and one driver is blamed for the crash. What happens if the crash was caused by the road itself though? If dangerous road conditions caused or contributed to the accident, who can you sue? An experienced York County, PA car accident attorney from our firm can help you answer that.

What Kinds of Dangerous Road Conditions Can Contribute to Accidents?

There are plenty of ways for dangerous road conditions to cause or at least contribute to a car crash. The city, town, or municipality in charge of these roads has a duty to keep them safe for motorists, cyclists, and anyone else who needs to use them. When conditions like the following are making roads more dangerous, the proper government entity should held accountable:

  • Faint, hard-to-see lines
  • Large, deep potholes
  • Damaged or faulty guardrails
  • Missing or obstructed road signs
  • Construction and road work without proper signage

Any of the above can easily contribute to an accident.

What Should I Do After Dangerous Road Conditions Cause an Accident?

After an accident, you should pull over and call the police to the scene. Then you should exchange information with any other drivers involved while you wait for the cops to show up and fill out a report. Talking to any witnesses and getting their contact information. This can help you if you decide to pursue a case later.

Since dangerous road conditions contributed to your accident, you should also make an effort to take pictures of the conditions that were a factor. It can be helpful to have photographic evidence of a road hazard that could have been fixed but was instead ignored.

Can Multiple Parties Be Held Accountable in a Personal Injury Case?

We should also note that multiple parties could be held accountable for your injuries in a lawsuit. If our lawyers believe that another driver and poor road conditions both had a hand in causing your accident, then we will help you pursue multiple parties for the compensation that you deserve.

It is important to note that you have less time to sue a city or state government though. While you normally have two years to take legal action after suffering injuries in an accident, you have just six months to file a claim with the relevant state agency.

What Should My Compensation Cover?

A car accident can cause serious injuries, some of which will require continued care. That could mean a lifetime of medical bills. Why should you have to pay for those when someone else’s negligence caused your accident? Your compensation should cover those medical expenses, but that’s not all. A fair offer would also help make up for:

  • Lost wages and missed paychecks
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Pain from disability or disfigurement

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