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Apartment accidents are typically the result of landlord negligence. If you were injured as a result of your landlord’s failure to maintain a safe property, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your burdens. Contact our experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys to obtain a dedicated lawyer on your side and to learn more about your options.

What are the most common causes of apartment accidents in Pennsylvania?

There are several causes of apartment accidents. The most common, however, is the negligence of a landlord. Tenants can usually expect that their rental spaces are safe, but in some cases, they are not and severe injury can occur as a result. If a landlord is negligent in properly maintaining their property and an injury incurs, they may be held accountable. The most common causes of apartment injuries as a result of landlord negligence include the following:

  • Broken smoke or carbon monoxide detectors: Landlords should regularly be certain that their tenants have operating alert systems because if they do not, people can be severely injured.
  • Inadequate lighting: If a landlord neglects to keep his or her property well-lit, tenants can trip and fall over cracked pavement, potholes, or other safety hazards that they may have otherwise avoided.
  • Poor weather conditions: A landlord can be held responsible if their tenant slipped and fell due to neglected duties to remove snow, ice, and other safety hazards within the legally adequate timeframe.
  • Damaged flooring: Protruding nails, loose floorboards, and torn carpeting are all typical causes of apartment accidents.
  • Apartment pools: If a negligent pool owner fails to install all necessary barriers, fences, and take other necessary safety measures, individuals can be severely injured as a result. Landlords should regularly use “wet floor” and other hazard warning signs when necessary.
  • Dilapidated staircases: If a handrail is not properly installed or secured, it can break loose and cause severe injury. Individuals who have been injured as a result will usually have a valid personal injury claim.

Can I pursue legal action after an apartment accident in Pennsylvania?

If you are able to prove that your injury was a proximate cause of your landlord’s negligent behavior in keeping their property safe, you may have a successful legal claim. You should be sure to gather as much evidence as possible to help bolster your claim. For example, pictures and videos of the scene of the accident as well as medical documentation pointing to the severity and origin of your injury will be very beneficial. You will also require the help of an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney to ensure there are no missing pieces of evidence in your legal claim.


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