A black car and a white semi-truck drive side by side on a Pennsylvania highway with three lanes in each direction. The road is smooth and stretches ahead under an early evening sky with a distant bridge visible in the background. Trees line the road on the right.

There are few auto accidents more severe than truck accidents, and if you have recently been involved in one, you are most likely now seeking financial compensation to help you heal. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys to learn more about how we can help you through the claims process going forward. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What should I do after a truck accident?

After a truck accident, you should take several steps to ensure you maximize your chances of winning a future personal injury claim. Those steps are as follows:

  1. First, you should always call the police, since they will send an ambulance to the scene, and your health is of paramount importance.
  2. From here, you should calmly ask the truck driver for his/her insurance information.
  3. Next, take pictures of any damage to your car, the truck, any property, and of your injuries sustained as a result of the crash.
  4. Ask anyone who saw the accident for their phone number, email, or any other means by which you may speak with them to corroborate your claim at a later date.
  5. Once you are transported to and treated at a hospital, do not leave without receiving documentation regarding your injuries, their extent, and how they will affect your daily life going forward.
  6. Retain the services of a knowledgeable Pennsylvania personal injury attorney who knows how to satisfy the burden of proof and can fight to win you the compensation you deserve and need.

How long do I have to sue after a truck accident?

If you are someone who has been injured in a truck accident, you will have to abide by the state’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims. Since the statute of limitations is, generally, two years, you will, generally, have two years from the date of your accident to take legal action against the party that caused your accident. Do not make the mistake of waiting any longer than two years, for if you do, you will most likely be barred from suing. We are here to help–all you have to do is ask.


There is nothing worse than sustaining injuries at the hands of a negligent party. Now, you must recover physically, and you must also find a way to pay for your recovery. This is why if you or someone you know has sustained injuries due to another party’s negligence, you must contact the Law Offices of Ilkhanoff & Silverstein today. An attorney who is willing to fight for your right to a smooth recovery can make all the difference.