person pulled over by cop

When you’re out driving, the last thing you want to see in your rearview mirror is red and blue flashing lights. Getting pulled over by a police officer can be frightening and stressful no matter the situation. If you’ve never been pulled over before and don’t know what to expect, the experience can be even more daunting. Continue reading or contact a York County, PA Traffic Offense Attorney today to learn tips and tricks when dealing with a traffic officer.


The first step in ensuring the situation stays calm is by remaining in your vehicle and awaiting further instructions from the police officer. Don’t panic and don’t say anything until they start talking to you. Some people immediately reach for their license or unbuckle their seatbelt, but this could be seen as suspicious behavior if the officer doesn’t know what you’re doing. If the officer pulled you over because they believe you or your vehicle to be suspicious, they might be just as nervous as you are. Any sudden movements could be perceived as you reaching for a weapon. The best course of action is to comply with the officer and follow their directions without arguing.

Instead of reaching for anything before the officer asks you to, you should keep both hands on the wheel after being pulled over. To avoid unnecessary suspicions, it’s best to always have your hands in the officer’s view so they know you aren’t trying to reach for a weapon.


When speaking to the police officer who pulled you over, never admit your guilt. Most officers will ask you why you think they pulled you over. Instead of admitting to your wrongdoing, which is what the officer is trying to get you to do, you should just claim that you don’t know why you were pulled over. If you truly don’t know why you’ve been pulled over, you shouldn’t try to argue with the officer. If you end up getting arrested, the officer can add hostile behavior to your charges, which could give you a higher chance of being found guilty in court. Arguing with the officer can only escalate the situation and make it worse.

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