What Are the Best Ways to Beat a DUI Charge?

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The state takes drunk driving seriously, so you can be sure that the penalties will be rough if you end up getting convicted of a DUI. Fortunately, our law firm has developed a few ways to help a client fight a DUI charge. A York County, PA DUI attorney from our firm can look at the unique circumstances of your case and help you come up with the best possible defense against these accusations.

What Are the Punishments for a DUI Charge in Pennsylvania?

The penalties for DUIs are severe, even if your record is clean and this is your first time being charged with a crime. Someone facing a DUI charge can be punished with:

  • A fine of up to $300
  • Mandatory participation in an alcohol safety program
  • Up to six months of probation
  • Forced enrollment in a treatment program

The penalties just continue to get worse if you are charged with a DUI again. Punishments for additional charges can include:

  • A 12-month suspension of your license
  • Up to six months in prison
  • A fine of up to $5,000

So if you are accused of driving under the influence, it is in your best interest to defend yourself against the DUI charge with everything that you have.

How Can I Defend Myself Against a DUI Charge?

There are a few different strategies that we commonly deploy in DUI cases. Your lawyer can:

Question the stop: If the police acted illegally when they stopped your vehicle, the evidence from your sobriety or breathalyzer test can be thrown out.

Claim an issue with the breathalyzer: The breathalyzer is not a perfect device. It can fail in a few different ways, so we can focus on your BAC reading and how it may not even be accurate.

Say the field sobriety test was not properly performed: A lawyer can also question how a field sobriety test was administered by the arresting officer. They can also speak about other reasons why you may have struggled with the test, like bad lighting or uneven surfaces.

Bring up medical issues: Maybe you have a medical issue that affects your balance or coordination and that is why you failed the field sobriety test. Perhaps you have auto-brewery syndrome, a condition where your digestive system can produce alcohol on its own. If you were falsely accused of a DUI due to an illness or ailment, your lawyer can show that.

Do I Need an Attorney?

We recommend hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney. The stakes here are high. The punishments for a DUI are harsh, and a conviction can stay on your record forever. Trying to defend yourself from this charge can be difficult. Instead, let one of our attorneys put their years of experience to work for you. We will do everything that we can to help you fight for the best possible outcome.

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