A judge's gavel and block sit on a wooden desk. Nearby are a pair of open handcuffs, several hardcover books, and an open book with visible text. These items symbolize law and justice.

A former military officer was charged with setting his house on fire, resulting in numerous felony counts being lodged against him. We were able to quickly determine that there were significant mental health issues that had gone untreated for years and hired a forensic pyschiatrist to evaluate our client and author a narrative report that proved very helpful to his case. The most serious felonies were dismissed at the preliminary hearing and the remaining felonies were dropped in lieu of a plea to one misdemeanor count. Although the client was facing a significant state prison sentence, he will not serve any jail time. Instead, he will serve several months on house arrest and continue with mental health treatment as recommended. The disposition was particularly important to our client who is in the IT field where a conviction for a felony would preclude future employment opportunities. We carefully review every case and determine a strategy with the input of our clients that is tailored specifically to their needs. Careful attention is given to each individual case by our attorneys.