A close-up view of railway tracks stretching into the distance under a partly cloudy Pennsylvania sky. The sun is low on the horizon, casting a warm glow over the scene. Gravel surrounds the tracks, and the landscape is flat with sparse vegetation on either side.

Many across the state of Pennsylvania rely on mass transit to safely transport them from point A to point B. However, if you have been injured in a mass transit accident, you are most likely now seeking financial compensation to help cover the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, in-home care, and more. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys to learn more about how we can help.

What causes bus accidents?

Bus accidents are caused by several different factors, though they can almost always be traced back to bus driver negligence. Some of the most common examples of bus driver negligence are as follows:

  • Driving while drowsy
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Dismissing massive blind spots
  • Neglecting to ensure safety equipment is aboard at all times
  • Sudden stops and starts
  • Texting while driving, or otherwise driving while distracted
  • Ignoring all other rules and regulations of the road

How do train accidents happen?

Train accidents, fortunately, are far from common. However, they happen, and they are usually a result of operator or crew negligence. Some of the most common causes of train accidents are as follows:

  • Train conductors, operators, or crew working while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Mechanical breakdowns
  • Broken tracks
  • Unfastened screws and bolts in tracks
  • Misaligned tracks
  • Inattentive train conductors
  • Delayed cars on the track
  • Unprotected railroad crossings
  • Derailments

How do I recover compensation for an injury sustained in a Pennsylvania mass transit accident?

To recover financial compensation, you must hire an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the claims process who can prove that you were injured due to another party’s negligence. Your attorney will work to uncover various types of evidence, including security camera footage of the accident, pictures of the hazardous conditions that caused the accident, medical documents, police reports, and more.

Additionally, though the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Pennsylvania is generally two years, when you sue a municipality, you will have to file a Notice of Claim within six months of the date of your accident. If you wait any longer than six months, you will most likely be denied your right to sue. The sooner you bring your case to our firm, the better. We are ready to begin the claims process immediately.

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