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Lancaster Personal Injury Attorneys

Being injured in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another party can be truly devastating and life-altering. Holding the negligent party responsible through a personal injury case is important because it can allow the injured party to recover significant compensation for the burdens that they faced as a result of the accident. When a person is injured in an accident, they are often facing very high medical expenses, lost wages due to time out of work, and other burdens that are emotional, physical, and financial in nature. An experienced attorney from Ilkhanoff & Silverstein has the knowledge and skill it takes to successfully hold the negligent party accountable and recover damages on behalf of the victim. If you have suffered injuries because of another party’s negligence in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein today.

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Accidents can happen at any time, anywhere. When they do, the injured party may be suffering from significant burdens that can impact all aspects of their life. If an accident victim chooses to do so, they can take legal action against the liable party. The personal injury attorneys at Ilkhanoff & Silverstein have over 40 years of experience providing clients with top notch service after they are involved in an accident.

Our firm is prepared to handle all motor vehicle accident cases, including:

Not only do we handle auto accident claims, Ilkhanoff & Silverstein is well versed with premises liability and catastrophic injury claims as well. Some examples of what our firm handles in this realm includes:

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Ilkhanoff & Silverstein is proud to serve clients in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and throughout the area when they become seriously injured. We are dedicated to fighting on your behalf in an effort to recover significant damages that are both financial and non-financial in nature. If you have been injured in an accident due to the fault of another party, contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein today to discuss your case.

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