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Divorce is a big step. It’s unlikely you have gone a long way in considering it without deciding that whatever upheaval it may bring about in your life will be offset by the benefits of ending what perhaps had become a painful marriage. Among all the factors someone needs to think about is health insurance, though health insurance is hardly the most talked about aspect of a divorce. This blog post will help prepare for what to do regarding your health coverage in case of a divorce. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a York County divorce attorney who can guide you through all the possible pitfalls, insurance-related and beyond, of a Pennsylvania divorce.

What Does the Divorce Process Look Like?

A divorce is a complex process with many moving parts, but that does not make it a difficult one to understand. You will first need to file a divorce complaint, after which, ideally, your soon-to-be former spouse will agree. That will allow for an uncontested divorce.

At this point, negotiations begin, as you and your ex start the long but hopefully painless process of disentangling one life from another. You will have to divide up marital property according to Pennsylvani’s equitable distribution laws, decide on alimony if one of you was dependent on the other, as well as child custody and child support.

Judges take an unfavorable view of former spouses who refuse to compromise during negotiations, as it may seem like you are not bargaining in good faith. It therefore is to your benefit (on multiple levels) to coordinate with your ex.

Pennsylvania Divorce and Health Insurance

As concerns your health coverage, after the divorce, each spouse will need their own policy. Nothing notably changes if you have health insurance whether through your employer or the marketplace. However, if you’ve been on your former spouse’s policy, you will have to acquire your insurance before the divorce decree.

In some concerning cases, a vengeful ex might try to cut your insurance coverage when you initiate the divorce. Pennsylvania law forbids removing you from your ex’s health insurance policy until the divorce decree is entered.

Your ex may have told you otherwise. In this case, you should proceed with caution. Hopefully, your ex said this out of ignorance. But whether out of ignorance or active malice, you will be best served by having an experienced divorce attorney guiding you toward a new life.