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When individuals are harmed on another property, they may be able to hold the property owner accountable. If there was a hazard present that caused the accident to happen, this may be the fault of the property owner. Property owners should be taking the proper precautions to maintain a safe premises for their customers. If these owners fail to do so, they may be aiding in an accident. This can cause an individual to become greatly harmed. When this occurs, the individual will have to prove the fault of the premises.

If you are injured in one of these accidents, you should collect information on the hazard that was present, which caused your accident to occur. Individuals will have to prove that the owner should have known or reasonably known that the hazard was present. Then they will have to show that the owner did not do anything to fix the situation and get rid of the aforementioned hazard. This can help to prove a premises liability case.

What information should I gather?

First, you should seek medical attention. While this addresses your health and can amend your injuries, this can also help to document the extent of your injuries for your case. If you are able to take pictures of the hazard with your cell phone, this can be used to prove the cause of your accident. If you are unable to collect evidence, an attorney may be able to help with this. They can help build your case if you are too injured to gather information. If possible, talk with witnesses to your accident that can support your claim. Especially when faced with a slip and fall or car accident based on a weather-related condition, if you have a phone camera, you should take pictures of the conditions as they can change within minutes.

What can I gain?

If you win a premises liability lawsuit, you may be able to win compensation for your injuries. This can include economic damages. These damages can cover the cost of medical bills that have piled up due to your injuries. They can also help cover lost wages or lost future wages that might occur due to your inability to work while injured.

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