How can nursing home abuse occur?

Nursing homes are places where employees should be looking out for the well-being of all those that reside in the home. In these homes, the elderly can live in a comfortable environment where they do not have to be alone. Instead, they can have help at all hours of the day. Yet, they are still able to have some independence as well. With nursing homes in existence, it gives residents the opportunity to live with other people instead of living alone. Some of these residents may be unable to live alone due to medical conditions that are apparent. Other individuals may have opted into a nursing home for social reasons or because they want the care of the employees to assist them.

Unfortunately, there can be abuse in nursing homes. Employees may not take the best care of the residents and they may even display signs of abuse. Residents that have certain physical ailments may not be able to be as mobile as they wish they could be. This may cause them to be bedridden. For these situations, it is important that employees take care of the residents in the best way possible. They may have to help the resident move around in their bed in order to avoid any bed sores from forming. Other residents may have mental impairments that cause them to lose their memory and not be lucid. For these patients, employees may take advantage of these patients. Whether they get frustrated and take their anger out on the patient or they abuse the patient sexually, they should be held accountable for their actions and the effects it has on the nursing home resident.

Can these abusers be held accountable?

Employees that abuse residents in a nursing home should be held accountable for their actions. When negligence is displayed, these employees should be held responsible as well. Negligence can be detrimental to someone living in a nursing home. Residents living in the home can file a lawsuit to hold their abuser accountable. From this lawsuit, they may be able to acquire damages. During this process, they may need the help of their families. Sometimes if residents are too sick or not mentally capable, they may need their loved ones’ help to pinpoint the abuse.

Residents entering a nursing home should be informed of their rights. They should be informed of all services and fees in writing before entering the home. Although residents are enrolling in this facility, they are still required to have a right to their own privacy. This includes keeping their own personal belongings. When being medicated, clients should be informed of their condition and any medications they are being prescribed to prevent any complications or confusion. Residents also have the right to refuse any treatment that is being offered to them if they do not want to receive it.

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