An adult wearing glasses reads a book to a baby who is sitting on their lap. Both are dressed in teal tops. The baby appears curious and is touching the pages of the book. They are sitting on a light-colored sofa in a bright room.

Child custody orders are put in place by the court with the child’s best interest in mind. If you would like to gain custody back, you will need to retain a skilled Pennsylvania family law attorney who can help you navigate through this process. Continue reading to learn more about how you can obtain child custody back or modify a custody arrangement.

Can I gain child custody back?

If the court deems you unfit and does not grant you custody of your child, it is likely because of a particular reason. In some cases, however, if you can prove to a court that the reason can be fixed, you may be able to appeal for custody. The first step in this process is to speak with an experienced family law attorney who can help you target the issue that resulted in you losing custody of your child. Your attorney can also help you file an appeal or request an evaluation if considered fitting.

How to Regain Custody of Your Child

Unfortunately, child custody modifications can only be provided under certain circumstances. In order to gain custody back, you must be able to show that there is a need to change the custody agreement. Some reasons you may be able to change custody arrangments include the following:

  • Child’s best interests: The new adjustments of a living situation can add a lot of stress to a child, and you may want to reduce the amount of traveling they have to do so they can feel more stable. If the current agreement isn’t working out for your child, the court is likely to modify your arrangements.
  • Danger to your child: If you believe that your child may be in danger from your co-parent, their family, housemates, or partners, or you have proof of abuse or neglect happening, you can file a petition to modify your custody orders and prevent harm to your child.
  • Relocation: If you need to move out of the area for work, you may need to modify your custody orders. This is especially important if you’re moving out of state.
  • You are unable to meet your child’s needs: If you are trying to balance a full-time job and parenting, or you’ve become unemployed and find it difficult to support your child, you may look to modify their custody schedule to fit their needs better.
  • One parent isn’t cooperating: If your co-parent is supposed to have joint custody, but frequently fails to meet their end of the arrangements, you may be able to request a modification that ensures your child has the stability they need.
  • One parent passes away: If your co-parent passes away, and you don’t want their spouse or another to raise your child, you can seek to gain full custody of your child. This is particularly significant for non-custodial parents.


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