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When a child does something illegal, they should be held responsible just as adults are held liable. However, the effects a charge can have a child’s life may be less serious. Adults can face time in prison. Juveniles may not go to a prison like an adult. Instead, they can go to a juvenile detention center. This will put them in an environment with other kids like them. This can also be more safe for them. If they were in a prison with grown adults, they could face more danger.

Juveniles are all those under the age of 18. When a child is defined as a “juvenile delinquent,” it means that they need supervision, treatment or confinement. This could mean that they are more dangerous than other individuals who are classified as a juvenile. It could also be attributed to the mental state of the child, making them more unstable. These juveniles can face penalties just as any other convicted individual. They have done something wrong and must face the consequences for their actions. They also must be set on a better path. At this time, juveniles should have legal representation. They do not enter into a regular courtroom setting. Instead, their cases are heard in family court where a judge only presides over the case. No jury is present. This can better protect the identity of a minor.

Can they be charged as adults?

Although a juvenile may be charged with a crime, it can be elevated to charge them as an adult. This can hurt them since they can face more penalties. At this time, their life can be altered even more. It can prove to be a scary time. If their crime consists of murder, rape or aggravated assault, it can elevate a minor’s offense to an adult charge instead of a juvenile offense. This can change their whole life. They can be subject to adult penalties, making them go to prison. This can put them in a more dangerous situation. As a juvenile or a loved one, you do not want the charge to be escalated to an adult one. Juveniles need proper representation to help them during this time.

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