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Criminal Defense, Family Law & Personal Injury in Hanover, PA


Our Hanover attorneys at Ilkhanoff & Silverstein share over 40 years of experience providing aggressive representation and seasoned legal counsel. Whether you are seeking compensation after an injury, need effective defense against criminal accusations, or are facing a difficult divorce or family law matter, the experienced lawyers at our firm know how to fight for your best interests. Learn more about our legal practice areas on this page. If you need to schedule a consultation, contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein.

Personal Injury Attorney in Hanover

In situations where an accident that led to a serious injury was caused by another person or entity’s negligence, a claim can be filed for monetary compensation to help address injury-related expenses as well as pain, suffering and emotional trauma.

Battling with insurance companies to settle a claim can be frustrating and exhausting when you are doing it on your own. Our firm can help you seek the compensation for a range of personal injury matters, including:

We are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. We recognize the impact of a serious injury and will do everything in our power to help clients in their pursuit of justice.

Hanover Divorce & Family Law Lawyer

The divorce process can be extremely difficult; even more so when you are not represented by a skilled divorce attorney. Ilkhanoff & Silverstein is an established family law firm with a reputation for providing our clients with professional and caring representation. Our attorneys can offer valuable assistance in all family law matters, including:

We know that you are going through a difficult period, and will provide you with the support that you need to begin the next chapter of your life. We are committed to ensuring your future security and will do everything we can to obtain a favorable settlement. While some matters can be resolved through mediation, others must be litigated. It depends on your situation. Contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein for a consultation to discuss your legal matter.

Hanover Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested for committing a crime, you will need the help of a skilled Hanover criminal defense lawyer to build a compelling defense. Ilkhanoff & Silverstein understands the affect criminal charges can have on your life and will make sure you have the best defense possible. We care about our clients’ futures and will always be there to support you in any way that we can. We have been involved in a number of criminal cases, including:

A proven criminal defense law firm will also know how to dispute even the most technical type of evidence. Contact a Hanover criminal defense lawyer for legal counsel and aggressive representation if you have been accused of committing a crime. Contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein if you or a loved one are facing a serious legal matter and need a strong defense.

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