A row of colorful semi-trucks parked side by side under a clear blue sky. The trucks, varying in yellow, purple, black, and red, some attached to trailers ready for hauling goods, highlight the robustness essential in Trucks vs. Car Accidents. This picturesque scene seems set in a parking lot or truck stop.

Truck accidents are among the most serious of motor vehicle collisions. Typically weighing upwards of thousands of pounds, when a truck collides with a passenger vehicle, serious property damage and physical injuries often result. While car accidents can also cause traumatic injuries, truck accidents pose additional challenges for several reasons.

What Makes Truck Accident Claims Unique:

  • More severe injuries: The extent and nature of truck accident injuries are often more serious compared to car accidents. Common injuries from truck crashes include brain injuries, paralysis, severe burns, and other catastrophic injuries.
  • Higher cost of claim: Victims of truck accidents typically suffer from more severe injuries, which will require more resources to treat. From property damage and medical bills to emotional suffering and lost wages, truck accident claims involve a high amount of damage and loss.
  • Multiple party liability: In truck accident claims liability can fall on more than one party: the truck driver, trucking company, auto equipment manufacturer, shipper, loader, and other third parties. Finding out who to file a claim against requires extensive resources to investigate.
  • Location of liable parties: Most truck drivers and insurers are often out of state, which means you could be negotiating with multiple parties across state lines. Although negligence and liability may not change, this will add an extra layer of complexity and potentially make it more challenging to resolve your claim.
  • Federal regulations: Identifying truck accident liability usually involves determining whether trucking entities violated federal regulations. Examples include violations of hours of service, subpar hiring/training practices, overloading trucks, etc.

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