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I was in Court last week defending against the Husband’s Contempt Petition filed against the Wife, my client. He tried, unsuccessfully, to make her sell the marital residence, because he got tired of paying one half of the mortgage. However, he signed a Property Settlement Agreement that legally bound him to continue making those payments until the youngest child graduates from high school. His attempt to void the Property Settlement Agreement failed and the Judge Ordered him to pay certain attorney fees that my client incurred in defending against his ill-advised action in filing a Contempt Petition against the Wife. He was warned in advance that he would lose and he did. He wasted time and money on something that he agreed to do two years ago. Our current real estate market has made it very difficult for our clients to reach settlements in their diovrce cases. Many of the houses are underwater in value, making it particularly hard to resolve these divorce cases. This one was resolved in favor of my client and she gets to stay in her home for four more years.

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