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You and your spouse may have high hopes that you can successfully complete your mediated divorce. However, it all comes down to whether you are willing and able to agree on your settlements. If not, this can quickly turn into a contested divorce. Continue reading to learn how you may risk having your mediated divorce become contested and how an experienced York County, PA divorce mediation attorney at Ilkhanoff & Silverstein can help you avoid this.

How can my mediated divorce become contested?

If you and your spouse choose to cite no-fault grounds for your divorce, or in other words “irreconcilable issues,” then you may be able to achieve an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce allows for the use of alternative divorce methods, one of them being mediation. Mediation involves a neutral third party, which may or may not be an attorney, who will help you and your spouse navigate the matters at hand.

With mediation, you and your spouse must also be able and willing to agree on key divorce terms, such as child support, child custody, spousal support, and property distribution. Evidently, these are difficult issues to compromise on. So while mediation is known as an easier process compared to that of litigation, this is only the case if you and your spouse can agree on the matters at hand. When the opposite occurs, this is when your mediated divorce can become contested.

How can my spouse end our mediated divorce?

Notably, mediation is a voluntary divorce effort. So, the option to end mediation is available at any time during the process. With its conclusion comes a contested divorce that will need to undergo the litigation process.

That said, below are signs that you and your spouse may want to end your mediated divorce:

  • You and your spouse find the process to be too emotionally demanding.
  • You and your spouse find that you cannot cooperate with one another.
  • You and your spouse are unable to reach compromises.
  • You and your spouse are unsatisfied with how your divorce terms were resolved.

Why do I need a York County attorney for my mediated divorce?

As already mentioned, an attorney can serve as your mediator in your mediated divorce and provide counsel regarding divorce agreements. However, if your mediation is unachievable, then an attorney can still assist you throughout the litigation.

Regardless of your situation, it is wise that you reach out to a skilled York County, PA uncontested divorce attorney at your earliest convenience.


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