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Although burn injuries may not be at the front of peoples' minds when they think about personal injury cases, thousands of Americans suffer a severe burn each year. Everyday situations that seem innocuous on the surface can actually become dangerous when negligence comes into play.

Sources of severe burn injuries may include:

Oftentimes, burn injuries may have been entirely preventable. A lack of safety protocols or unclear handling instructions on dangerous materials could be the direct cause of the damage. If you or someone you love has suffered a severe burn, let our York personal injury attorneys from Ilkhanoff & Silverstein know what happened to you by filling out an online case evaluation form today. You might have an injury claim on your hands that could lead to significant compensation.

Burn Injury Severity Could Affect Your Case

If you have suffered a burn injury and have not already gone to see a physician, you really should consider doing so right away. An untreated burn could lead to life-threatening infection or the eventual and complete debilitation of the affected body part. In addition to treating your wounds properly, medical care should provide you with a report on the extent of your injuries. The worse or more widespread your burns, the greater your chances of securing a larger settlement.

There are four primary levels of burn severity:

  • First-degree: Red skin without blistering that may still be incredibly painful.
  • Second-degree: Blisters around the wound and thickened skin.
  • Third-degree: White, leathery appearance of the wound with loss of sensation.
  • Fourth-degree: Similar to third-degree but also affects bones, muscles, and tendons.

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If you have been burned due to the actions of another party, it is simply not fair to expect you to have to pay for your medical bills. On top of those costs, you could also suffer considerably from missing time off work as you recuperate. Our legal team of personal injury lawyers in York, Pennsylvania are always available to provide assistance to you and address any questions you may have.

As burns may be considered a catastrophic injury, you can rest assured in knowing that we can take your case with a no-nonsense approach and aggressively bring a lawsuit against the wrongdoers, even if it means fighting them in court on your behalf.

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    Former Client

  • “Paula was able to take a situation in which I felt helpless and completely turn it around. Thinking back, there’s no one else I would’ve rather had to represent my son and I.”

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  • “I highly recommend Attorney Ilkhanoff and his firm to anyone who has been injured through no fault of their own.”

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  • “As grandparents seeking custody of our grandchild, it felt like an incredible uphill battle, yet we prevailed. ”

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