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On October 19th 2012, our attorneys Bernard Ilkhanoff & Paula Silverstein had the honor of presenting in a Family Law Breakout Session for YCBA’s Bench Bar Conference. We served as presenters for Breakout Session A, (5) – The Difficult People in Family Law (And we are not just talking about the parties to the case). This session explored how family law practitioners could better deal with difficult clients, difficult opposing counsel, and difficult judges.

For those who aren’t familiar with the YCBA, YCBA is an acronym for the York County Bar Association, which is a non-profit professional membership association of attorneys and judges in York County. The YCBA’s mission is to serve the legal needs of York County residents, attorneys and judges alike. The YCBA accomplishes this by providing services to lawyers that improves their success in their area of law, and by promoting a legal system that both asserts and protects peoples’ rights. The YCBA’s goals include developing mutual trust between attorneys and judges and the community, and it also strives to promote and establish the highest levels of ethical conduct. Additionally, the YCBA provides quality continuing education for its members, and it provides pro bono services to indigent members of the community.

The Bench Conference is organized each year by the Bench Bar Committee, and it creates an open forum where local area judges and members of the Bar can exchange ideas and critical information that pertains to local York County issues, and statewide issues across Pennsylvania.

At Ilkhanoff & Silverstein, we were glad to have the opportunity to be presenters at the October 2012 YCBA Bench Bar Conference. There, we were able to highlight various techniques that could help our fellow attorneys to better deal with the everyday challenges that come with working in the field of divorce litigation and family law.

With 30 years of combined experience in family law, we are confident that we can provide you with the superior legal representation that you are searching for. If you need help with any divorce or family law matter in York or the surrounding areas, we urge you to contact our firm to schedule a private consultation with one of our attorneys as soon as possible.