Who’s responsible for a dog bite?

Dogs are some of the best pets that humans can have. Whether you have a small dog or a big dog, you know that they are a great companion. Long walks together and time in the house can cause you to look at your dog as a companion. These are some of the most popular pets in the country. Although these pets are lovable to us, to other people they may seem scary. Sometimes our pets can be intimidated by new people. Since they are unfamiliar with them, they may not act in a friendly manner. In these situations, they may even act aggressively. This can prove to be a problem for dog owners. If your dog acts in an aggressive manner and bites someone else, they can hold you accountable for the dog’s behavior. They can even take legal action against you. This can result in you paying amounts of money to them for the injuries that your dog has inflicted. Since you are not going to want to lose money to this situation, you can acquire help from an attorney to see what your options are.

What are the circumstances that apply?

Although a dog owner can be held responsible for their dog’s behavior, this can only happen in situations where the owner may be negligent. If the owner did not restrain the dog, they may be held accountable. However, if an individual entered onto the owner’s property where the dog was an antagonized the dog, they may not be able to hold the owner responsible for the dog’s behavior. If the injured individual was taking part in a crime when the attack occurred, they also may not be able to hold the dog owner liable. If a dog has a history of violence, the owner should have reasonably known about the dog’s tendency to act this way and may be held accountable for the dog’s attack. This may make the victim’s case easier to prove due to previous aggressive behavior. If the dog bites someone off the owner’s property, was not properly restrained and was out of the owner’s control, then they can be held liable for the incident since they should be able to maintain control of their pet.

When these incidents occur, victims can file a lawsuit against the dog owner and seek damages for their injuries. This can give them compensation for their injuries, which can cover the cost of medical bills that have been charged due to their sustained injuries.

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