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There are many ways to enhance your arguments in a personal injury case, but bringing in outside experts to testify on your behalf can be especially convincing. These people have verified backgrounds that qualify them to speak on a specific aspect of your case. Your York County, PA personal injury attorney can help you find the ones who will have the biggest impact on your personal injury suit.

Which Outside Experts Can Help Me Build a Case?

There are a few outside experts that can make a big difference in a personal injury suit. Some effective witnesses include:

Medical experts: When you are suing for damages after an accident, it can be helpful to have someone who can testify about your prognosis and how your injuries could affect you going forward. A medical expert could accurately talk about your future care costs and make it easier to make a case for compensation that can help you cover them.

Accident reconstruction experts: A person who is well-versed in accident reconstruction can actually recreate the car accident that caused your injuries. Whether you were hit while driving another vehicle, injured as a pedestrian, or attempting to safely share the road as a cyclist, an accident reconstruction expert can show how an accident occurred and who is to blame.

Psychologists and mental health professionals: A psychologist can speak about the trauma you have experienced as a result of the accident with authority. This can help you argue for noneconomic damages, like compensation meant to make up for pain and suffering.

Vocational rehabilitation experts: If your injuries can prevent you from working in the same capacity at all, someone with a background in vocational rehabilitation can credibly testify about how this accident has affected your ability to earn a living and support your family.

Manufacturing specialists: If your injury was caused by a faulty part or poorly made product, someone with a background in manufacturing can testify to that.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Our personal injury attorneys already have access to the outside experts that you need. We can help you by figuring out which kinds of experts are the best fit for your suit, and then we will build your case around their testimony so that we can work to secure you the best possible compensation offer.

You may be able to find experts on your own, but it is hard to vet people if you do not have a background in their area of expertise. Why not just contact a law firm that already has an extensive network of outside experts that can help you make your case?

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