man speaking to police about parole

When an inmate is given parole, they are released from incarceration early but only under specific conditions. In Pennsylvania, parole is viewed as a privilege for convicted criminals rather than a right, and not all criminal offenders are eligible for this privilege. Because of this, you can face various consequences if you’re caught violating the terms of your parole. If you’ve recently been accused of a parole violation in our state, you might have questions about your rights. The good news is that our knowledgeable law firm has the answers you need! Read this blog to learn more about this topic, or speak with a York County, PA Criminal Defense Attorney who can provide individualized legal counseling.


If law enforcement catches you violating the terms of your parole, you can be given different types of penalties. Some of the most common consequences of a parole violation in our state include:

  • More drug tests
  • New curfew
  • Participation in a mandatory program
  • In-patient treatment
  • 60 to 120 days in the Parole Visitation Center

The Parole Visitation Center is a facility that parole violators are often sent to instead of jail. In this facility, the offenders are required to complete a program within their time staying there. If an inmate fails to complete the program or violates another rule in the center, they can be rearrested and sent back to jail.

Certain offenses could have you reimprisoned automatically. For example. you might end up back in jail if you stop checking in with your parole officer during the time of your parole. You could also risk incarceration if you commit another violation during parole or if you are charged with any kind of assault. Speak with a criminal defense attorney to learn how you can prevent reincarceration during probation.


There are two main types of parole violations: convicted and technical. Convicted parole violators are parolees who have committed another crime while under parole. Technical parole violators are parolees who have violated the terms and conditions of their parole.

Have you recently been accused of violating the terms of your parole in Pennsylvania? If the answer is yes, you might be seeking a trustworthy criminal defense attorney who can fight for your best interests. Look no further because our highly experienced legal team is on your side every step of the way! Contact Ilkhanoff & Silverstein today for an initial consultation.