What Are The Most Common Driving Hazards During The Winter?

driving in winter

Pennsylvania is one of the many northeastern states that sees snowfall each winter. While winter weather can be exciting for children who hope for a snow day, winter road conditions can be scary for Pennsylvania drivers. There are various winter driving hazards that could cause auto accidents during this time of year. You might wonder how to prevent an accident during winter, or you might wonder what to do if involved in a winter auto accident. Either way, we have the information you need. Read on or reach out to a York County, PA Auto Accident Attorney today to learn more!


There are many possible road hazards that could occur during the wintertime in Pennsylvania. The most common hazard is icy roads. Black ice specifically is much extremely dangerous because it is less visible to drivers. Another common hazard is poor visibility caused by driving through a storm or driving with snow on your car. The last dangerous condition is worn tire treads and low tire pressure, which can increase the likeliness of an accident.

The easiest way to avoid road hazards during dangerous winter weather is by staying home and not driving on icy or snowy roads. Of course, this isn’t always possible if you have obligations like school or work. If you need to drive, you should ensure your car is as clean as possible and that you have an emergency kit in case your car battery dies and you get stranded in the cold. Drive slowly and carefully by keeping your distance from other cars. Pennsylvania law states you have 24 hours after winter conditions begin to clear the snow or sleet from your car, so you legally must clean off your car before hitting the roads.


If you are injured in an auto accident, you might seek compensation for your medical bills or other expenses, like lost wages. However, your own auto insurance will need to cover damages to your car, and your personal injury protection can cover your medical expenses. You won’t be able to receive compensation for lost wages or your pain and suffering through your insurance.

The only way to receive compensation from another driver is by filing a personal injury claim. Because Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, you won’t automatically be able to receive compensation from the other driver’s insurance even if they caused the accident. You’ll need to prove in court that the other driver’s negligence directly caused the accident in order to obtain restitution. However, it might be difficult to prove the other driver negligent if their car slipped on ice because even vigilant drivers can end up losing control of their car when the roads are icy.

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