A row of colorful semi-trucks parked side by side under a clear blue sky. The trucks, varying in yellow, purple, black, and red, some attached to trailers ready for hauling goods, highlight the robustness essential in Trucks vs. Car Accidents. This picturesque scene seems set in a parking lot or truck stop.

Fatigue and sleepiness are among the leading causes of accidents on the road. This potential for danger is greatly increased when a tired driver is behind the wheel of a commercial truck. While strict federal regulations exist which aim to reduce fatigued driving and limit the hours a trucker can be on the road, these rules are not always followed. Furthermore, regulations may only cover a fraction of factors which can lead to tiredness on the road.

What makes fatigued driving so problematic?

  • A greatly increased risk for accidents: Fatigued driving can lead to reduced concentration, slower reaction times, and hindered motor control. The bottom line is that drivers who are tired cannot operate their vehicles as well as when they are fully rested. These factors can work to increase the risk of an accident while on the road.
  • Regulations only cover so much: While regulations can limit a truckers hours of operation, it is only one factor which may cause tiredness. Maybe a driver took over-the-counter medication which causes drowsiness. Perhaps a family issue kept them up into the night. There are numerous reasons why a driver may be tired that are simply beyond the scope of federal regulations. Furthermore, while tests exist for offenses like the use of alcohol, it may be impossible to accurately test for a driver’s level of fatigue.
  • Commercial trucks can cause tremendous damage: The size and weight of a commercial truck can create tremendous momentum, especially when traveling at freeway speeds. When an accident does occur, smaller cars and trucks may simply be unable to withstand the force created by a big rig. Victims can be left with traumatic injuries which may necessitate extended or even lifelong medical care.

In the wake of an accident, several tools do exist which may help determine if fatigued driving was a primary factor. Commercial trucks are required to carry digital record keeping devices which monitor data such as how long a truck has been on the road and how fast a truck was going. An attorney can assist accident victims in obtaining and reviewing these logs to help determine if a violation of federal regulations occurred.

Compensation for Trucking Accident Victims

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