Two people are shaking hands over a glass table, signifying an agreement or business deal. Papers, a pen, and a folder are spread out on the table. One person is wearing a green blouse and the other is in a formal black suit.

Part of the strength of a law firm depends on their skill and knowledge. As the law is continually updated, it’s important for attorneys to keep up to speed on these legal shifts. Stagnation can weaken a lawyer’s ability to defend or protect the rights of his or her clients, so continual self-improvement and involvement in the legal community are what indicate a competent and qualified attorney.

For example, our attorneys recently attended two different Continuing Legal Education (CLE) conferences.

Attorney Paula Silverstein and Bernard Ilkhanoff both attended a CLE on August 8, 2017, called Round Table Discussion with Custody Conference Officers in Lancaster County. This CLE was an opportunity for attorneys to meet with custody conference officers, hear their perspective on trending custody issues, and discuss any questions attendees had about the conference process. Likewise, Attorney Silverstein also attended a CLE on August 24, 2017, called Building Your Marketing Plan (and Avoiding Ethical Blunders).

Both continuing training and education help attorneys keep abreast of the latest trends in their fields, whether the field is family law, criminal defense, or personal injury. Our skilled lawyers do their best to continue their education and training to better serve as advocates for the people they help.

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