A hand holding a car key fob and key in front of a blurred image of a car. The key fob has buttons for locking, unlocking, and a red panic button. The car is partially visible in the background.

Car accidents are extremely common. Some estimate most drivers will file a car accident claim once every 17 years or so. Every year more than 37,000 people die in auto crashes each year in the United States alone, while another 2.35 million are injured or disabled. Even though many people have experienced at least a minor collision in their cars, they never quite expect one to occur. When it does, people are often left disoriented, in shock, and feeling the adrenaline that comes after a dangerous experience. This brief rush after a car accident is part of why it’s so important to take photos after a collision occurs.

Few people have memories good enough to remember every detail of the scene in which they find themselves after an accident. By taking pictures or asking a friend or family member to take pictures, you can document all property damage, injuries, and the surrounding area for each driver’s insurance company. The insurance agency will use this evidence to determine liability before distributing funds to one or more drivers.

Photos from the scene of an accident can help prove the cause of the collision in addition to any contributing factors that might have had a role in the crash. Memory is also unreliable and is easily manipulated by suggestion. Photographs provide concrete evidence of who was there, how the cars looked, and even what the weather was like.

Likewise, many insurance companies don’t like paying more than they have to for an accident. By providing photographic evidence, you can prevent them from downplaying the extent of your car damage or the extent of your injuries by delivering solid proof. Even if a company still tries to deny your claim, your attorney can use these photographs as evidence on your behalf.

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